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  • Nay. I'm not opposed to other people getting it for themselves or their kids or whilst pregnant, it just wasn't something I wanted to do for mine. I researched, decided that for me personally, it was too much unknown, too much risk for too little benefit, and said no. I've never been hassled over that, but both my dr and my HV know me well enough not to argue with me over anything, TBH!

    What DOES annoy me is people telling me I am being irresponsible for not getting in when pg/giving it to my children, yet when you ask them what they know about the vaccine, their knowledge consists of "my HV said it's safe and they wouldn't give it to pregnant women if it wasn't safe". Tell you what, piss off and read up on it like I did before you judge me. Baaaaa. Thalidomide. Bite me.

    I'm a diabetic and am offered flu jabs annually as I'm increased risk of complications. The only year I've had flu is the one year I took them up on it and had one. Never again!
  • I was never asked if I wanted it (I swear, hardly got any medical attention while PG and just after giving birth), I would have said yes though.

    However, I didn't read up on it, I just assumed that all would be good, but now that Maenad has said that... I'm going to look it up, and I'm glad I didn't get offered it, because if I said yes and something bad happened to me or the baby, well... Then I'd be pretty pissed off!

  • Last year when pg with ds I did a lot of reading and although I usually follow medical advice and recommendations, i decided it wasn't a risk I was willing to take in pregnancy- thalidomide was the main thing on my mind too. I had had swine flu the month before I fell pregnant and 'hoped' that would provide us with some immunity. As it turned out they never offered it to me anyway...

    However if I was offered the jab now I would almost definitely have it...if ds was offered it I'm undecided x
  • I had the swine flu jab when I was in early pregnancy for two reasons a) I work with vulnerable client groups and was wary of passing it on if I caught it, so Occ Health offered me it and b) I didn't 'know' I was pregnant at the time, though was beginning to suspect and very much had it in mind, discussed it with the nurse etc.

    Two weeks later when I was 9 weeks gone, DH caught swine flu (verified by testing he was very ill). I was frankly so glad that I had it, as I had a very difficult pregnancy throughout and the absolute last thing I needed was to catch it! I was fine, so vacc. probably had worked. I also liked the fact that DD is protected til she is 10 months by the fact that I had it. I will definitely let her have it if she is offered. I did quite a bit of reading and research and decided I was personally prepared to take this stance Each to their own though, and as Maenad says there is never any certainty with these things.
  • I had the jab whilst I was pregnant, it was as simple as this for me, I didn't know the effects it would have on my unborn child (no one does) but I did know the effect that swine flu would have on my unborn child if I caught it which is potentially that it could have killed her and me. Further, I am asthmatic and so also couldn't risk catching flu with the added complications it would pose.

    I have had the combined jab this year, it made me feel really pants for a couple of days, the shakes, sweats etc, real flu symptoms which was horrible and something I didn't get with the 2 separate jabs. If you have it be prepared to be ill for a couple of days, pretty much everyone I have spoken to has suffered for a few days afterwards.

    These things are never certain, will you be giving your children the MMR as I'm quite sure there are similar concerns over that (although some are now discredited blah blah blah)?
  • As maenad, I did lots of research and opted against it when offered it in November 2009. I've declined it again this time, as I still haven't been able to find enough data to change my mind.

    However I will add that I live in the sticks, don't go to crowded places or use public transport. If I lived in Lond, used the tube every day, then I probably would have had it.

    HTH xx
  • i think im against it too. Just not enough research done imo. Alot of the mums at playgroup are getting their LOs done & are kinda making me feel bad about it.
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