Where to start?

Hi Everyone

I'm due in April and want to use reusables. The nappy lady has recommended Bambinex Teddys, but I have heard mixed reviews about these so I don't know what to do.

I'm thinking maybe I'm better off getting a couple of different types of nappy from a trial and error point of view, but it's expensive and I don't know where to start.

Can anyone give me some advice? What did you find good and what have you found rubbish?

Thanks for your help


  • my favourites are little lamb bamboo nappies with wraps. these where the first i started with. you can buy a trial of one and a wrap for ??12.

    i then bought bumgenius and tots bots easy fits. whihc are pocket nappies that you stuff with the inserts that come with it.

    i still use all 3 makes and love them. i just wish i'd started using cloth sooner (my LO was 14months when we switchs)


    www.fillyourpants.com i personally love this company. they do a mix of trial packs so you can play with

  • I live in Oxfordshire and they offer everyone a free nappy trial where they provide you with a bag with around 20 different types of nappies to try out.

    It might be worth checking whether or not your county do something similar to this?

    I am about to start using Charlie Banana nappies...I found these were the quickest drying, most absorbant and loved the look. They are a pretty new nappy but have already won a bronze award at a baby show/comepetition.
  • Thanks ladies that's really helpful. I've had my eye on the Little Lambs but wanted to make sure they were worth the money before investing.

  • i love my little lambs and you can booster them too. they are my favourite to use in the house and you can buy some pretty wraps o go with them too x
  • I use bg v3. I love them. Have also made my own nappies too based on a pattern I downloaded from internet.

  • whihch pattern did you use? could you possibly email me it please? i've made my own mei tai slings so have been interested in making my own nappies too
  • Hi,

    We use BumGenius and think they're great.

    We got a trial pack from fillyourpants.com which had three different sorts in and we chose the bumgenius from that. I also have an itti bitti delish which I love the fit of but don't like the snap on parts as much as the stuff in packets though I believe they now do an all in one?

    Clare x
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