Lets talk...XMAS!!!!

with only 6 days to go (and only 5 until xmas eve)

Lets talk about christmas...what are our plans for the day and order of events?

We shall be doing christmas pyjamas on xmas eve

my sister, bil and 2 kids are coming over at 8am for egg and bacon muffins, where my ds will open his present from his aunty and my neice and nephew will open their pressies from us.

Then we have a mound of pressies to go through once they leave, then its a lovely relaxing day and xmas dinner for me, hubby and ds! where we shall pig out and help Elliott play with his toys.

Hubby is working xmas eve and boxing day, but on boxing day after he finishes work we are going to see all my family at my parents where we have a 2nd xmas, drinking, eating and playing board games (this year we have a game called 'chav' where you have to see who can be the biggest chav and get the most benefits lol..looks so funny)


  • haha - sounds like you have got a really fun Christmas planned! Love the 'chav' game.

    We are having a quiet one this year.

    Xmas eve we will do the mince pie & letter for Santa & a carrot for the reindeer as I have older ones (2, almost 4 and 5) Then we will sort the pressies out under the tree and OH can eat the mince pie - i dont like them, lol.

    Christmas day will be just us this year image for the first year in a long time. I cant wait to watch the kids open their pressies and read the letter that santa (mummy) writes back to them. They dont have much this year as things are really tight but I know what I have got them they will love. image I LOVE Christmas dinner! Cant wait for that.

    Then boxing day, depending on the weather, my mum & sis are coming up. The kids will love seeing them & we will spend the day playing with the kids & dinner will be cold meat, mash & pickles & loadsa goodies to follow. I will probably have a drink - but not get sloshed :lol: My OH is T-total but I will have a drink with my mum & sis. Play board games & generally have a nice day.

    Oooh I'm all excited now!! image
  • Its going to be so different this year now that I have a baby! Usually I go up to my mum and dad's on Christmas Eve and help my mum do all the veg prep and stuff the turkey etc then crack open the sherry and chocolate and spend the night there and do lunch with mum.

    This year my granny, auntie and uncle are coming over from England and my sister and her boyfreind are comubg from Poland so there is no room at the inn for me lol! Oh is working on christmas day do me and lo will have a nice quiet christmas morning and open some pressies then my dad is coming to get me after breakfast and I'll spend the day there. Then everyone is coming to mine on boxing day for lunch. I'm just doing soup and sanwiches and nibbles.
  • I can't wait for Christmas!! It is going to be amazing this year - last year my sister was in Australia for her studies so Mum and Dad went over to be with her and I was left on my own!!

    Christmas Eve no plans - just spending some quality time with OH who has been working ridiculous hours to get Christmas off. So we will prob have a nice meal and watch a film.

    This year, we are all together. Christmas morning will be just me, OH (who has the whole of Christmas off!) and LO. WE will open our pressies to each other - got LO a few things even though he will only be 3 months. PIL will be over midmorning and we willspend some time with them and exchange gifts.

    Then Christmas Day evening we are all going to my parents - there will be me, OH LO, my PIL, my sis and her fiancee, my Gran and Grandad and obv my mum and dad. They doing a HUGE Christmas dinner with 3 different meats lol. I can't wait to all be together!!

    Christmas really is my favourite time of year!

  • Xmas eve hubby is working so just me and lo

    Xmas Day: our first as a little family so we are on our own this year. Present opening in your PJ's after breakfast, xmas dinner early afternoon, then the rest of the day to chill out, eat, and let lo play with her pressies!

    Boxing Day: We are all going to my mums so lo can get her pressies from the rest of my family and I can get fed without having to cook lol! Hopefully I will see all my brothers and sisters there aswell!
  • I'm so excited! We're down to my parents on Christmas Eve, after DD has gone to bed we always have roast gammon. On Christmas Day, it'll be stockings in bed, followed by breakfast then the pressies.

    After lunch, we'll probably watch the Queen's speech (kind of has to be done) then games and vegging out for the rest of the day.
  • Oooh it's exciting, only a week to go!

    On Christmas Eve myself, hubby and LO are going to go for a meal since we are organised this year. Just to a wee Italian along the road. Then its home, baby to bed and we will have an early night and watch a DVD in bed.

    On Christmas morning we will be up early to feed baby and have breakfast, then we will open Lo's presents with him. He is only 6 months so he wont understand but its still exciting lol. We are then off to PIL to spend the first part of the day there, with some wine and cheese/biscuits etc. Brother and sis in law will be there too so it will be a great first Christmas for LO and us.

    Then at about 3.30pm we will drive to my dads house and have dinner with him as he is on his own this year. So it will be a cosy dinner, the 3 of us and baby. I am looking forward to it, we have lots of yummy food and drinks, and then it will be an evening of relaxing, more eating and some drinks.

    I can't wait now! My dad makes a brilliant Christmas dinner! I am looking forward to not spreading ourselves so thin this year, we normally have to do the rounds but this year we decided its our christmas too so we have chosen to do what is best for LO.

    Boxing day is a lovely meal at PIL with drinks and games. I think we will stay the night so hubby can have a glass of wine of 2! He deserves it!

    Everyones Christmas sounds fab, I hope you all have a fantabulous day! X
  • I cant wait for christmas! Every year we usually go to my mum's Christmas Eve and stay overnight but this year we are going to hers in the day and then coming back to our house. We're gonna put have the traditional opening of pjs (The Diva has a snowman sleep suit and I bought my own coz i dont trust hubby hehe) and then we are putting out mince pies and milk for Father Christmas. Then we're gonna sprinkle reindeer food in the garden (oats and edible glitter)and check NORAD for where Father Christmas is before putting her to bed (she's too young for all this but i want to start our traditions from the first year).

    Hubby and I will have some mulled wine and watch Xmas films while we do DDs stocking and put out her gifts. We're also putting a jar of Fairy Dust Jam (jam mixed with edible glitter) as a gift from the Christmas Fairy under the tree.

    We're gonna open our presents at home and then go to my Mum's house after DD has had her morning nap. Cant wait!!!
  • Aw pumpkin pie I love the fairy dust jam and reindeer food idea! May have to steal those when DS is older x
  • What exciting Christmas's we have planned!!

    5 days... woohoo!!!

    Thursday, myself and Theo are staying at my mums house. While my DS1 Louis and OH stay at home. (1 child each seems fair!! haha!)

    Christmas Eve; we are getting married!! image

    Christmaas Day, my family are visiting in the morning, then OH's mum is coming for lunch with our friend (he has just been dumped :cry: )

    Boxing Day, I'm hosting a little party for anyone and everyone to gatecrash in the family!!

    Originally, we had just the 4 of us (hubby, me and DS1&2) spending our first family Christmas together alone but family have other plans!! Oh well... not going to let anyone spoil our amazing time!
  • Oh wow sarah!! A big christmas for you this year then lol!! Best of luck for Friday Hun!!!! X
  • I'm so excited too! DH has 3 weeks off work and we are going to my parents in France for 2 weeks. We will be at my sister for Xmas eve (which is as important as Xmas day in France) and will take all the pressies there and open them after dinner as my brother and sister and Their families will be with their in laws on Xmas day. We may wait until Xmas day to open millie's pressies as she will probably be asleep! On Xmas day we will have Xmas lunch at my parents and watch Xmas movies and play board games. Can't wait, hope the snow doesn't ruin it all...
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