Baby upside down?!?!

My LO is 10 weeks old on Tuesday, hes now in his cotbed as his Moses basket is too small for him (little chunk!) and for the past few nights when I've gone to do his night feed he's somehow managed to turn himself right around to be upside down with his head at the bottom of the cotbed and his feet up the top!!!

He sleeps in a sleeping bag so luckily don't have the worry about blankets going over his face but I am worried about him banging his head on the wooden bars and the other night he'd managed to stick his arm through the gap!

At what age are cot bumpers safe? I don't really want to put one at the bottom of his bed but I don't know how else I would be able to stop him from hitting his head or hurting himself! Any ideas? Help! xN-Nx


  • can you put the cot bumpers in but tuck them around the mattress so there is little chance of LO getting underneath them? or even better add a bit of material that goes the width of the cot underneath the mattress and sew it to the two sides of the cot bumper?
  • i have mesh cot bumpers - i know alot of ladies on here have bought them too - i will get the name for you when toby wakes from his nap but i think they are called air wrap - they are safe stops arms and legs getting stuck. Best ??20 i have spent x
  • I've got the airwrap cot bumpers, they're an absolute godsend! Totally agree on them being the best ??20 x
  • Thanks ladies, just ordered an airwrap bumper from kiddicare!!

    I know this might sound daft but being in his sleeping bag, I would have thought he wouldn't be able to turn himself around yet?! He's only 10 weeks! My little boy is growing up sooooo fast!! xxx
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