What baby should sleep in the day??? Mothercare discount code?

Hi all,

So i have a crib that baby sleeps in the night he is 5 wks old. What do your babies sleep in the day time? I cant keep draggin the crib around and theres no point buying a moses basket now!

I was thinking of getting a 'fisher price newborn to toddler rocker' are they appropriate for baby to nap in? Or any recommendations?

Oh and does anyone have a mothercare disount code thats valid?


  • At first, we used the pram, set up in the lounge.

    But now, I take DS2 upstairs to snooze in his cot. xx
  • i have the fisher pricve newborn to toddler rocker and its fab, cant recommend it enough, especially as lo gets older but to be honest if fine to let lo dose in during the day but if it were me id be putting lo to sleep in the cot, why not just start it now so its not something you have to address in another 2-3 months? lo will get used to it and you can have 10 minutes to yourself downstairs to get on with whatever you want in peace. x
  • When ds was little he used to sleep wherever he fell, on me, his bouncy chair (mostly), his play gym, wherever. Once he got to about 10 weeks we put him to sleep in his crib during the day, it did take quite a while for him to get used to it, so next time I'll be starting earlier, so personally I'd start putting him upstairs in his crib x
  • Hi hun

    It's totally up to you where you put LO to sleep. For the first few weeks we had baby in the moses basket in the living room then used to carry it through to the bedroom at night, but after a couple of weeks we just put him down for his naps in the bedroom in his basket as it was tiring bringing it through all the time lol.

    he is 24 weeks now and he sleeps anywhere, on his mat, his playpen, his cotbed, anywhere! X
  • When Sophie was younger I let her nap wherever she wanted, whether that was in her moses basket, on me or in her bouncy chair, at about 6 weeks I started getting her to nap upstairs in her cot.

    It took a long time to get her napping in her cot, partly because I was out a lot in the day before so she'd spend a lot of time sleeping whilst I was out, in the carseat or pram. It's great now though, I can put her down for naps in her cot without a problem and it gives me some time to get things done and have some me time during the day. She's 14 weeks now.

    Kat x
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