Christmas outfits

Anyone got one for their LO?

Where can I buy one, ideally an elf?


  • couldn't help wanting to post this, we had a christmas day yesterday cos my sis is off to Japan for 3 weeks today here is what my lo wore

    mother care had elves outfits
  • Mothercare outfits were all good, Next and John Lewis also very good!

    We have a Father Christmas for Christmas Day and a my first Christmas top with red trousers for Boxing day, until it gets covered in dinner...
  • I made an elf outfit for my 6 month old daughter...little green elf shoes and a handmade with stitching pink elf dress!!! It was really easy!! Let me know if you want the details. I just bought a few sheets of felt from cheap cheap!!!
  • Asda have an Elf outfit, a Christmas pudding, Santa, and a sort of penguin all in one suit!! xx
  • Ahh ladies thankyou so much. Think I'll be off to try asda as they prob have the cheapest and then mothercare! Can't wait to see how cute he will be in all the Xmas pics.

    Cherrytomatoe your LO is simply gorgeous! We should all post pics after Xmas.

    Mummyems I'm normally very crafty but I'm out of motivation this close to Christmas! I've got a week off work so just going to put my feet up and watch some home alone lol. do you make much other stuff? I have tried my hand at sock monkeys for the kids and they have come out so well and quite easy to do.

  • I got a fab outfit from Mamas and Papas reduced from ??18 to ??8 - it's lovely x
  • Hi

    Here's DS in his Sainsburys Reindeer suit, it was ??6 from Sainsburys

  • I got my little one an elf outfit from Sainsburys. It was ??7 but i paid ??5.25 as they had 25% off recently. It's really cute and comes with a little hat too.x
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