My baby is 9 weeks on Tuesday, and I think he is showing signs of teething. He dribbles and blows bubbles a lot, gnaws on his hands, generally seems to be more fratchy, feeds less than normal (I am breastfeeding and he refuses / turns away) and crying between feeds. Today he has rosy cheeks.

Is he too young to be teething... could this be anything other than teething? And is there anything that I can I do to ease his discomfort?


  • Its not too young to be teething and could well be the reason.

    However my lo sometimes does this and I think now that this is because she suffers mildy from reflux, I find if I eat certain foods she can be worse and becomes fussy when feeding etc pulling away and crying generally a bit more unsettled, chewy her fist, clenched fists, won't be layed flat etc. I thought this had all gone but now i think like i say its related to what foods I eat.

    It might not be anything like your lo but thought i would share my experience, but it could well be teething its never too young although my dd1 got her first tooth at 11 months lol a bit behind everyone else, bless her x x
  • he's definately not too young to be teething as some babies are born with teeth.

    if it is teething, ashton and parsons teething powders are good and on the boots website it says Suitable for babies and infants 0 - 12 months.
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