Ok, help please! Bug or not?

James was sick on Monday, and had to be collected from nursery. He wasn't sick again until Friday, when he vomited 3 times and had 3 horrid loose leaky nappies. During the week he's had bad nappies but not really leaky. Yesteday (Saturday) he didn't vomit and had one normal poo.

Today he's had 5 loose leaky nappies and one vomit.

So with the normal day yesterday I'm confused, is this a bug or not??

He's slightly off his food, and drinking a little less milk. But otherwise he's fine in himself.

The only other explanation I can think of is teething, (TMI) OH thinks the nappies smell a bit like they did last time he was teething. I can't say I paid that much attention! :lol: xx


  • Sounds like the winter D+V bug to me. Erin had this last year and it went a bit like this, one minute ok, then not, then vomiting, I think sometimes just takes a while to fully get out of the systems, so lingers a bit.
  • Thanks for youe reply.

    After 6 dirty nappies and 2 vomits today, I tend to agree. He's had gastroenteritis, then D&V. Just difficult to know if this is the first one not out of his system, or a whole new one!

    Poor little man. xx
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