First AF after baby lasting AGES!

Hi ladies,

My baby girl was born 14 weeks ago, and I had a bleed about 6 weeks afterwards, and then about 4 weeks ago I started what I would class as my first 'real' period. And it's still going!! It looks just like a real period - sorry. as yukky as that sounds! - but it's now lasted about 4 weeks! Should I be concerned? I feel ok, but just worried it's lasting so long!!

Has anyone elses period lasted this long?!



  • my first af after both my babys were very heavy and loasted longer but not 4 weeks. I find after each baby af gets longer, stronger and more painful! go and tell your doctor incase you are becoming anemic with all the blood loss. x
  • I have had my AF for 2 and half weeks now.

    I got the implant in 6 and half weeks ago, and bang on 4 weeks in, my AF flow arrived and hasn't gone away. It is heavy every single day.

    My friend told me to go to DRs and get some pills that can stop it. Maybe you should drop in too.

    Don't get fobbed off either, I know how it can get you down. xx
  • Hi hun

    my first AF was normal but my 2nd has been horrendous!!! I have been bleeding for 2 and a half weeks now! I have been to docs and she gave me one lot of tablets that didnt help much so I went back and this 2nd lot are helping although after taking them I seem to go crampy and have back achge for about 20 minutes!

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