Maxi Cosi Car Seat Users - Help

Hi Girls,

Wonder if you could help me? We have bought the maxi cosi car seat for our lo due any day now, we took it out of the wrapping etc... and are having a job trying to remove the safety sticker on the actual seat, the one that talks about where to place the seat in the car etc... I am starting to assume you aren't meant to take it off!

Any ideas/suggestions gratefully received!

MrsH xx


  • We've not got the Maxi Cosi, but have the Prima Viaggio from M&P, and the warning notice on there is sewn in so that it specifically can't come off.

    They're not the most pretty signs, but if you notice it every day, then it can only be a good thing if makes sure you put the car seat in correctly each time.

    Good luck with the birth x

  • I agree but do think once you know it shouldn't go where there is an airbag, why would you suddenly put it there?!

    Oh well have started to pick it off now so will continue, not sure they needed to do that on what is a very expensive chair!

    Thank you for your well wishes! xxx
  • Is it a sticky sticker?

    On plastic or fabric?

    (I have the forward facing Maxi-Cosi Priori XP for DS1)

    Anyway, nail varnish remover and a J-cloth work well on sticky stickers on plastic!

    Good luck!

    Hope your LO puts in his/her appearance soon! Good luck! xx
  • Thanks Hun! image

    We have in fact got it off now, it was a really sticky sticker on fabric which made it so hard to get off.

    I will remember the tip about the nail varnish for the future!

    Thank you again xxx
  • Ahh too slow!

    Hope it goes well anyway, and you aren't waiting long!! xx
  • Think you're supposed to keep it on for reference, for example - incase you put the carseat in someone else's car such as your parents etc, to give them the correct instructions on how to secure it. I guess if you're happy with the fitting it doesn't really matter then lol.
  • Humm we have one and I hadn't even noticed the sticker!! Good luck for your birth xx
  • Didn't realised you could take it off, I've left it on!
  • Thanks Girls, all sorted.

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