ingrown nails?

hi, just looking for some advice. my baby boy is 17 days old and i've been a bit concerned about his fingernail as a couple of them are a bit sharp in th corners and i was worried he'd scratch himself but i wasnt sure how to cut them safely.

anyway, we've just noticed today that 2 of them look like they've grown sideways under his skin. does anyone know what we should do about this? the MW is coming tomorrow afternoon so obviously i'll ask her about it then, but it would be great if there was something we could do immediately as i hate to think they're hurting him!



  • Hi,

    You can get baby safe scissors and files to use. I don't know of an immediate solution if you haven't got these, because I wouldn't have been happy (and still wouldn't) to use normal scissors. Some people think it's horrid, but you could try biting lo's nails. It is something that's suggested when they're small. xx
  • ive read in revcently pblshed books never to bite a childs nails as you could take off more than you mean too etc. i think that was old advice a it's something my mum suggested. we file or baby's nails. they need doing every other night they grow so fas!
  • Looks like the advice is still being given actually...

    I did say it's her decision. xx
  • "actually" that web site you referenced does NOT recommend it. it states some mothers do it but it introduces germs and is not recommended by doctors. not sure how you got that it was recommended from the quotation below tbh.

    Some mommies bite baby's nails instead of trimming.

    You may find this easier than trimming with clippers. (There are mixed opinions on this. If you ask your mommy friends they may suggest this. Your pediatrician may not be crazy about this method. Any time you put baby's fingers into your mouth you are introducing germs, which could lead to infection.)
  • i bite all my LOs nails - whoops, always have done since i cut too much of DS1s finger nail as a baby. It bled everywhere! and scared the life outta me. My boys have never got infections, the only thing that bothers me is I am teaching the older ones to bite their nails. :roll:
  • back to the OP - sorry hun - did you get it sorted? xx
  • My sons nails have always grown like that and I have had to keep a close eye on them. Do not use clippers as you can cut their toes! Biting them is best, if not baby nail scissors is a close second.
  • not got it sorted yet, the mw is coming at 2. they've gone a bit red and swollen now so i'm worried it's infected. just have to wait and see what she says anyway.

  • aw bless her - keep us updated hun xx
  • Whatever, I'm not here to argue.

    Maybe the word advice wasn't the right one. But it is practiced as you can see from the other posters. As with everything it is personal choice, and another option. Really no need to get a debate started.

    Sorry you haven't got it sorted yet. xx
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