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When we bought our house 6 years ago, we did each room as ranked in priority, so kitchen, living room bathroom etc. We left the 2 spare rooms, just gave them a lick of paint and cheapo carpet. When we got pregnant with Hannah, we stripped her room, had the walls skimmed, then painted. New carpets, new furniture, all her clothes new. (Well, mostly).

Now we are 6 months pregnant with number 2, and are finally getting around to sorting the dumping ground of a bedroom for baby. Hubby suggested last night that we just repaint the walls, and put the new carpet down. We have new furniture as well, but it's the whole repainting of the walls that is bugging me :roll:

It's woodchip wallpaper! I know it makes sense as we don't have loads of spare money to pay for the skimming of the walls, nor do we have time to spend stripping woodchip off the walls. It's been put up very well, and is still in good condition. But it's bloomin' woodchip! I guess I also feel like the second baby is being treated unfairly, he/she already has all his/her clothes hand me downs.

So, am I being silly, or is woodchip really that bad? Honestly?

image image image

(oh and I know it's not the biggest problem people have on here, but wanted some non-hormonal opinions!)


  • I think it's fine. You can put money aside when you have some spare and do it up nicely when he/she is old enough to notice it's room!

    We did this with DD's room, DH was made redundant just before she was born, she ended up with cheapo carpet not quite long enough for the room so I had to put a mat down! I did it as nicely as I could, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted.

    However, we've just redoneit ready for her and DS to share and we were able to do it properly - stripped and skimmed, painted, plush soft fitted carpet - and GRUFFALO! I'm really thrilled with it, and she's old enough to notice and appreciate it too.

    So it went from this:

  • Wow Maenad - that's one fabulous bedroom!

    Hannah's Mummy - I can see where you're coming from, but Maenad's right. As long as baby has somewhere to sleep, s/he won't care about the woodchip. Sounds like you've given it a good clean, and done the best you can, but in the grand scheme of things, woodchip isn't all that bad. Hubby wants to paint it, so it's not going to be dingy. Baby won't care a bit - and when you have time you can make it as lovely as you want to.
  • Oh Maenad loving the Gruffalo room!!

    I don't think it is mean - like Maenad said - you can do up the room a bit more when LO is big enough to appreciate it. I was thinking the other day as I put some of DSs clothes away that were too small what a raw deal poor second children get lol but you won't love them any less and they really won't notice at all!!

    Just think what else you could buy LO with the money you would have spent skimming the walls.

  • You have to be careful with your spends before a baby.

    If money is tight, then save up so you can afford to do it properly so you and your OH will be happy with it.

    Your new baby will be in your room for a while, then come spring/summer when its warmer, you can look at decorating perhaps?

    If its a big job though, then do it in little steps to spread the cost out.

    I wanted DS2 to not have the "second child" feeling, but now he is here, he has the cot DS1 used, he has hand-me-down clothes and baby stuff. He doesn't know (or care). And I imagine that in the years to come he will get other hand-me-downs.

    I think its part and part of being the younger sibling! xx
  • Maenad I love that room! Is the leaf from Ikea? I am definitely hormonal, I just screamed and closed the laptop when I saw the first picture. I thought it was a dead rabbit hanging from the rafters

    :roll: What an idiot!

    Thanks for your replies, I was half hoping someone would agree with me and tell me to drag myself out of 1970 and stop being lazy!

    Poor baby number 2, I have bought it 1 new outfit!
  • The leaf is indeed from Ikea, and the wall transfers cost about ??35 online, it's very easy to do.

    It wouldn't actually have SURPRISED me if there had been a dead rabbit in the loft - the house's previous owners were a However, I promise it's just insulation. I also promise that there was a ceiling in the room when she was sleeping in it, we had ripped it out before photos!
  • Aw Hun not mean at all!! Baby wont notice and you would be better waiting til baby is born and getting ready to go into own room so you can't decorate it to suit them!

    We've just moved and I've made all my own transfers, didn't take long an look really good! I bought a few rolls of sticky back plastic from poundland (total of ??2 for 4 rolls) and used acrylic paint (cheap from the works store if you have one) and pva total prob cost About ??5!

    This made a huge train against 1 wall (approx 50cm high and 3 meters long) and little blue and red cars as a border along the other 3 Walls and on the mirror and front of door

  • we had woodchp on our bedroom wall when we were young and me and my sister used to pick at it all the time, so there were patches of smooth. eventually my parents got rid of it! so it will be ok while baby is a very youg, but you might eed to g rid of it when baby gets to the picking stage. and it might be easier to deal wth it now, rather than move a child our of their room.
  • DD has woodchip in her room, as like you when we bought house we prioritised what needed done, so we painted over the top of it and put down cheapo carpet. DD actually loves her room, its pink and white with heart curtains,bedding etc. I am glad we put down cheap carpet as with her arts and crafts stuff etc it gets manky, some of the pen marks won't come out even after shampooing!! With bumps room we stripped the woodchip and lined the walls then painted over the top. We have just kept the cream carpet thats there from when we moved in (cleaned of course), as when bump is older we will redecorate when it moves away from the 'baby'stage. So it would be a waste of money spending a fortune in decor they will soon grow out of iyswim? Don't worry, you aren't the only one with manky woodchip, my house was covered when I moved in, and mostly still is!! image
  • I wouldn't worry Hun!

    My LO (our first) had second hand stuff handed down from friends or from NCT sales etc, and our second will have our LO's things. I don't worry to much about second hand, and rarely buy new clothes (for the amount of time they are in them it seems a waste!).

    I agree with the others - you can decorate it beautifully to suit when you know if its a boy or girl and you have more time/money.

    If it makes you feel any better - we don't even have a house at the moment as we are in the middle of building work which is taking much longer than planned and our house has no roof, or walls or windows! Thisone may end up sleeping in a drawer somewhere :lol:

    Nik 14+2
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