Hey all sad to be posting this

Hey ladies

Sorry haven't posted for ages Zach is doing well teething badly & I think he has a chest infection so off to docs tomorrow so a few sleepless nights have been had!!! Im doing well too on new injections for my psoriasis & touch wood they seem to be working... Just read lillyr's post about BE and I'm really not happy about it so sadly I will be leaving BE thank you all for your support & help in the last year or so I will still be on facebook!!!! Please can someone tell me how I remove my account I can't seem to find out anywhere on the site

Thanks again all

Love Sianni & Zach 22wks old :? image :cry:


  • OMG so happy you said that, nearly had heart attack thinking something had happened to zach. it is rubbish about BE....i think i will be joining you unfortunately (though still lurking i'm sure!). come over to FF hon. poor zach....my lo has been poorly too and sleep all disrupted image much love and keep in touch xxx
  • Gosh hun like TBD I thought something awful had happened to little Zach! Was releieved when I read what it was really about. I have registered with BundleJungle. I may still leave this site, webed has agreed to remove my profile from the sister sites. Wish you and little Zach all the best sweetie xx
  • Hey both soooh sorry didn't mean to freak you out only thought about heading the day after I read it perhaps not worded the best way.... I'm registered on FF haven't been on for ages will log in when I get 5mins, Zach went to docs he has a chest infection so is now on antibiotics & a ventilin inhaler hoping they kick in soon his breathing is awful just want to cough for him just managed to get him to take his first bottle of milk today so feel a bit happier now, he's eating his food & taking juice during the day so really want him to have milk through the night as he won't drink it during the day... Well gonna get some shut eye now while he's asleep!!!!

    Love to both of you

    Sianni & Zach nearly 23wks


    TBD will look for you on FF

    Socks will look into bundlejungle
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