Babybjorn bouncer

Has anyone got/used the babybjorn bouncer? I looked at it when I was pg with ds but felt ww couldn't justify the cost. He's now 7.5months and we have had to begrudgingly pack away his bouncy chair....the babybjorn says because of the different 'modes' it's suitable until 2 years...and it's on offer on amazon for ??57 until midnight tonight?!

Thanks x



    We love it! Our baby girl has used this since she was about 2 weeks, and loves it! She is 14 weeks, and is just managing to bounce it herself. It's really light, and portable, so I can move her about the house while I do things.

    It was a gift for us, and I know it is expensive, but will last until she is a toddler. It also doesn't take up much floor space, and folds flat at the click of a button. We take it to my dads house whenever we go to visit.

  • We borrowed one from my sister and loved it, fabulous! It folded down flat and as my DD was in a hip harness it was about the only one that she could fit in!

    But, I can't see that they could really use it to age 2, it would bend down so low to the floor that it's dangerous in my opinion tbh-this was an old model that we have however. We had it out a few months back and DD climbed into it and it looked silly and was really straining under her weight (23 mths at the time), so I'd recommend it but not for use up to that age!

    HTH Iz
  • Thanks girls, we've ordered one, as figure even if ds doesn't get much use out of it now hopefully the next one (or two or three) will. Also had a look on eBay and they're selling second hand for over ??60....fingers crossed he likes it now x
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