In-laws over xmas

It looks as though the snow is back to stay over xmas which means I don't get to travel north to see my family - I am so disappointed.

For the last few years OH has been working xmas day so we've been stuck staying here, which means spending xmas with in in-laws as they're only 5 minutes away. I was so glad to finally be getting some time with my family instead, especially as it's ds2's first xmas. My mum and sis are so looking forward to seeing the boys on xmas day.

I wouldn't mind so much if we could spend xmas day in the house just the 4 of us, but I know I'll get dragged around to the in-laws and end up spending half the day there.

There's no reason that we shouldn't do that tbh - ds1 will love going to see his grandparents, but they have royally pee'd me off this year and petty as it is I was really happy to be avoiding them over xmas (they booked a holiday for my due date and missed the first 2 weeks of ds2's life which I'm not in a hurry to forgive them for! Also mil and I used to have the same group of friends and we always have a xmas night out - I didn't get invited this year because I've stopped going to our regular weekly catch up even though I explained that was because I rarely have a babysitter and it's too late in the evening to be dragging the 2 boys out with me).

So petty but I can't help myself. Please help me come up with an excuse for not going round there on xmas day!! I'm finding it hard being civil to them at the moment and I can't be bothered putting a big fake smile on on xmas day. Not very festive am I? Bah humbug.

Bl**dy snow.


  • This snow has a lot to answer for!!

    My MIL did the same when DS2 was due... went and stayed miles and miles away the day after my waters broke!! She came back a few days later but didn't bother visiting DS2 whilst he was in the Neo-natal ward.

    (DS1 was also in Neo-natal and she insisted on visiting daily)

    Anyway, her boyfriend has chosen his grown up daughters and their partners for a "family Christmas" so she came begging to stay at ours.

    I begrudgingly agreed, although totally see your point - why should you be nice to people who have been so blatently ignorant to you?

    Excuse-wise, you may struggle. Maybe make Christmas dinner VERY delayed so by the time its ready your "too tired to go out anywhere now"... and suggest you visit the next day?!

    Naughty, but hey ho!!! xx
  • Tell your hubby that you want dinner at yours and that you will pop round for a couple hours to his mum in the aftrenoon, then pretend that your feeling under the weather and that one of the little ones has a temperature!
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