Baby sleeping in his own room

Well I wanted to keep ds2 in with us in his carry cot until 6 months but he's a big boy and at 16 weeks pretty much outgrown his carry cot so it's time to put him in his own room.

We tried it last night and he slept for a couple of hours but wouldn't settle back in his own room after his first (of many) night feeds. We left him in there for 2 hours, going in and comforting him every five minutes but eventually gave in and took him back in with us - cheeky monkey was alseep within minutes. But he's clearly not comfy in his carry cot, i can hear his arms thumping off the sides all through the night.

Any tips for getting him to settle in his own room? He's up every 2-3 hours through the night as it is and I really can't afford to be getting LESS sleep than I already am - I'm exhausted!

I've tried putting him in there for daytime naps and he'll settle there eventually but never sleeps for long. He likes power naps unless he's in the buggy or car.


  • Hi Hun!

    My cousin had a similar problem and her friend suggested that they buy a comforter and a musical night show!

    They suggested that mummy and daddy sleep with the comforter under their pillow for a couple of days and use the night show in their room for a few nights for LO to get used to!

    After a few days put LO into their own room with the light show on abs the comforter in with them, but not within reach if they are still young!

    My cousin tried it, it took 4 nights for her LO to settle but after that slept for 5 hours at a time!

    Hope you find a solution!


  • Could you put him in the carry cot in the cot in his room if you know what I mean for a few days lol. Maybe ease him in gently. And try putting him in his cot during the day?

  • it took about a week for dd to fully settle in her own cot (she was 3 months exactly when I moved her) I just brought her back in whenever she woke and wouldnt settled but put her to bed every night in her cot- she "got it" eventually x
  • We put dd to sleep in her moses basket inside her cot when we first made the move into her own room. Like that for maybe 3 or 4 nights, can't remember and then took the moses away and lay her in the cot. She loved it to be honest, the little fidget would cover the whole are of the cot and upside down etc etc. Good job we had sleep bags as blankets were clearly not designed for my LO to sleep in!

    Cot mobile/light show is a good distraction for them. I initially thought bad idea as too stimulating for what is supposed to be going to sleep time, but it often even now at 10 months settles my LO when she's refusing to go to sleep.

    Good luck hun, hope you all get some good sleep soon

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