How do you do yours?!

I have never cooked a turkey before.

In fact, I have never cooked a Christmas dinner before.The trimmings, I'm sure I can't fail on?! haha!

Ask me to bake puddings and I'm all over it. But a main course?? eeeek!!!! image

Any tips on not letting the turkey burn/ taste bland/ undercook / or go all dry?!

Thanks ladies!!! image xx


  • Ha nope, the first year in our house we had the family round for xmas day but I got mum to do the turkey and bring with her!!

    Think I'm going to volunteer next year to do it again, even though my mum does it so well. This year I'm only putting myself through boxing day buffet instead image

    I'm sure loads of the tv chefs have programmes coming up. Check Jamie Oliver for recipes and tips, sure I saw him one year with some good turkey tips.


  • It won't go dry if you put some butter under the skin. Just lift the skin at the "neck" and rub some butter between the skin and the breasts. Then try to leave some fool on it to start with and remove it half way through. Cook it for no more than 20 min per lb, and let it rest once cooked. If you like it, put some whole cloves of garlic in te pan, then half way trough "push" them out of their skins (they should be cooked and come out on their own) and rub them on top of the skin. Bacon on top and ... Yummy!

    I have to agree about puddings though, I much prefer making them. image
  • I keep watching them thinking "I should write this down" then get distracted...

    Thinking an online "Google" jobbie!!

    Typically, the MIL has decided that my first Christmas Dinner attempt EVER, will be the one she comes here for.


    Thanks hun, hope you have a fantastic time!! xx
  • I'm lucky in that my hubby loves cooking so he takes care of it all but This Morning had some great tips last week on how to do it all - maybe check out their website? x
  • sorry to G/C saw this on the home page.

    I find the nicest way to cook a turkey is by making a mixture of Butter dried apricots and mixed herbs (blitz it with a hand blender) Then put it under the skin, and lay streaky bacon on the top over the skin.

    It stops it drying out and i think it gives it a much nicer taste!

    good luck, hope you have a fab Christmas

  • The best way to cook the turkey to keep it juicy is by cooking it upside down (flat side of the turkey up, sounds wierd I know!)all the juices drain through to the breast whilst it is cooking keeping it succulent, I do also baste mine with butter and salt and pepper with a little oil, too, and as someone said keep taking it out every 1-1.5 hours and spoon the juices out of the baking tray over the turkey. Cover it with foil well - no tears or gaps in the foil, for the majority of the cooking time and then take it off and turn the bird the right way up just to brown it off at the end.

    The turkey is cooked when you skewer the thickest part of the thigh and add a little pressure and the juices should run completely clear, but most turkeys will come with cooking instructions per kilo or a good butcher will advise you. Everyone finds their own 'best way' to cook xmas dinner, this one's mine but I'm sure you will find yours, too! x
  • My hubby puts loads of butter with herbs under the skin... and then some rashers of streaky bacon over the breast skin
  • These herbs of which you all speak of... what type are you using?

    I'm thinking these methods of cooking are fantastic, so thanks for all the tips! xx
  • Not really helpful but we buy marks and spencers turkey crowns when we do xmas dinner! Follow the instructions, stick in over - done! We make all the trimmings ourselves though...

    Good luck xx
  • Re herbs, I like Rosemary

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