Yoghurts for baby.....

seen as im still here lol i just wondered what yoghurts you give your lo?

i want to give natural yoghurt with my own fruit added and avoid petit filous etc with all the added sugar etc in them but i could only see the pro-biotic yoghurts yesterday in full fat.

i know all yoghurts has these in it but it was the ones with added pro biotics i know she isnt necessrily going to get any of the supposed benefits of these like an adult would but im a bit worried about upsetting her tummy...has/does anyone give this and baby been ok? she is 27 weeks almost.




  • I'm not sure hun, find yoghurts a complete mindfield, but I must say I think the plum ones are fab (if you can find them) ideal ingredients and 'real' taste x
  • We give natural yogurt on it's on, and she loves it. I think they all have pre (or is it pro?) biotics in them and it doesn't seem to have affected her at all. I don't know whether it's the right thing to do or not though!
  • just to clarify on my point - we've given Sainsbury's, Aldi and Tesco own brand natural yogurts,they have the biotics in, but aren't specifically marketed as such. So I don't know whether they have less than something like Onken.
  • It's absolutely fine.

    L loves natural yoghurt and I give her these or Rachel's first taste ones - they have no added sugar etc.

    The natiral ones I use are eitehr rachels or yeo valley.

    Can't believe your LO is 27 weeks already! image

  • i know and i cant believe L is one already lol!!!! hope you had a lovely day!

    Thanks ladies,

    its an onken one i think i picked it up as it was only full fat natural yoghurt i could see and it was just cause it was one of those with the added pro biotics i was unsure...i just want to avoid any 'branded' ones with heaps of sugar etc in.

    I assume it would be ok but just a bit paranoid incase i upset her wee tummy so havent given it yet....i have just told hubby to eat it lol and when im at the shops tomorrow i will get some yeo valley or look for the rachels ones seen as they seem popular choices...

  • I was watching tv the other day and they were saying that prebiotics are good for babies born by cs because the good gut bacteria is picked up in the birth canal. Maybe not relevant here but I thought it was interesting!
  • i give Yeovalley natural yoghurt with probiotics and mix it with fruit purees, she's had these for a couple of months now and loves them. As does DH! x
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