Anyone in the North East....

Anyone fancy a jumperoo? I'm looking for ??45 for it and it's in great nick. LJ has love it but is sadly more interested in trying to get into places he's not meant to now!!! Email me if you are interested...I can deliver within a 15 mile radius of newcastle upon tyne.


  • Hi, I was looking into getting one for my little boy for Christmas but didn't think they were worth the price. ??45 however sounds brill!! If you still have it for sale i'd be interested. Can't figure out how to e-mail you though. Just come on here today and i'm not liking the new look BE!!

    My e-mail however is: [email protected]

    E-mail me if you still have the jumperoo for sale.

    Thanks, Kathryn x

    P.S. I'm in the NE
  • Have emailed you Hun....
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