Weaning food help!

My LO has been trying foods for 2 weeks now! She's 19 weeks! We were advised to wean early! First week she had either baby rice or rusk! This week it's been either pureed carrot or broccoli! I'm going to the shops tonight and will pick some more veg to pur????e! What's the best thing to try next?

I'm thinking either,


Sweet potato


But was wondering can you pur????e frozen veg such as peas or sweetcorn!

And what about bleeding foods like red pepper or potato! Can babies have things like this?




  • things we had week 3 are...

    banana with baby rice and milk

    purreed carrot

    purreed sweet potato

    baby porridge
  • We stuck with single tastes for a few weeks - butternut squash, sweet potato, broccoli, carrot etc. I then started mixing two or three different vegs together once she got used to tasting things on their own.
  • Sweet potato is a good one, and butternut squash tends to go down well (and even better if mixed with pear). I'm currently ten days into weaning dd (my second) and moved to veg after 3 days of 'porridge' - in my freezer there is parsnip, carrot, sweet potato, butternut squash, cauli, pear, apple, blueberries.

    Apparently potato doesn't puree very well, as it's starchy - you can be a kitchen tool called a mouli to puree it, rather than a blender, but I decided not to bother - you can mash it with quite a lot of formula or water instead and get it quite smooth.

    You can puree frozen veg (once it's been cooked you can re-freeze it), but the thing with peas, sweetcorn and red pepper is the skin can be difficult to break down - I do remember pushing peas through a sieve for ds to remove the skins, but never again! I think this time I'll avoid the more difficult things until she can cope with them better.

    I don't like avocado, and neither did ds, so I'm not planning to try it for a while - the advantage of it though is that when it's ripe you can just scoop out and mash the fleah, not cooking or pureeing required! banana is also good for this.

    Annabel Karmel's book 'Baby and toddler meal planner' is good.
  • one of my boys loves sweet potato - pear is also a fav. Parsnip is high on the list too.

    If you do peas or sweetcorn, my hv says to sieve them first to get rid of the shell bit - can be hard for bubs. I've not tried this yet tho.

  • Any root veg are good - swede, parsnip, sweet potato etc. Sieving things like peas or sweetcorn is really hard work, I got an Annabel Karmel food mill for about ??8 which makes it much easier! It's also better to do potato that way rather than blend as it goes all starchy in the blender.
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