Would you....?

travel from Glasgow to Aberdeen on xmas eve to stay up there until boxing day?

We're due to go up and visit my family for xmas for the first time in years, my sister keeps asking me if we'll make it and I'm desperate to go but just not sure.

Ds1 is 3 and ds2 is 3 months. My mummy istincts are telling me not to risk it but I don't know if i'm being over cautious so...

would you?


  • I would check online at the roads I would be using and if there were severe weather warnings for these roads then no I would not!! Sorry!!! x x x x
  • Hi

    I am in Edinburgh, all the wee roads are pretty snowy but the main roads are fine. As long is there is no more snow in between I would say go, just allow extra journey time and take care. Its a lovely time of year to spend with family and if you are desperate to see your family I would do it.

    Good luck and happy Christmas, I hope ytou make it! X
  • Thanks! I really hope we make it too.

    What's putting me off is our journey home from there the week before xmas last year. A couple of lorries jack-knifed and the 3 hour journey took us 11 hours! It was snowy then but nothing compared to what we're experiencing now!
  • Personally I wouldn't, not with small children - I know it's Christmas, but at the end of the day it is just a day, in your shoes I think I'd wait for the weather to improve then go for a fake Christmas in a couple of weeks.
  • I'm with danielsmummy - I would do it in the current conditions. Just be very well prepared. I am may be a little biased though as I'm in Edinburgh and have my inlaws and my parents coming on Thurs from the south and I can't wait to spend xmas with them so I am hoping they will do ANYTHING to get here! Would just add all the obvious like check weather en route, have phone fully charged, blah blah blah.

    Have a lovely time!

    K x
  • I'd do it too. Stock up the car with essentials for a just in case scenario. Lots of blankets, water, ready made cartons of formula if you're bottle feeding the LO with empty sterile bottles, food for all the others etc etc. Plus plenty of entertainment things for the 3 year old!

    Good luck hun, I hope you make it safe and sound and in good time.

  • i would leave it until the day and see what its like, i have had to cancel seeing relatives for present giving this week because the roads are too dangerous and i dont fancy not being able to get back x
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