Questions about a ten month routine and feeding?????


Could anyone help me out as I am a bit confused as to whats happening with LO and his routine!

In the last few weeks he has gone from sleeping through the night to waking up at least once at all sorts of randem times. The only thing that settles him is a bottle. Have your LO's done this and how do you get them back to sleeping through again?

We though that maybe he is hungry at bedtime as at the moment his routine is as follows:

8am cereal and a few oz of milk (normally only 3 as he won't take much)

1130 ish: Lunch

1430 ish 6oz bottle

1630 ish: dinner

1830 bottle and bed

We have thought about trying to push back lunch and dinner so then he literally eats, baths and bed one after the other.

Also, when did people start giving full fat cows milk as their bottles instead of formula??? I know its recommended to wait till 1 year but in reality what have you done???

Thank you, sorry for all the questions!!!


  • Not sure about the sleeping thing as DS is still sleeping well, he is 9 and a half months, but he did have a few weeks when he was teething when his feeding and sleeping were all over the place could it be thats?

    as for cows milk, we give him it now, I spoke to HV and the reason she told us for not giving it until one was because formula has got all the vitimans and what not that babies need but as long as he is having a varied diet, and still have some formula it is fine x x

    Hope he starts sleeping for you again soon love x x
  • Hi Rascal,

    My daughter is 10 a half months now. We had a recent blip in her sleep in that she seemed to think bed time was just another nap and after 45 mins she refused to go back to sleep. Wasn't crying or anything, just lay in her cot playing and chatting away until 10/11pm when she finally went quiet! Was very strange, lasted about a week, but over the last couple of nights we're back to doing well so fingers crossed your LOs waking is just a phase? But if he's wanting milk in the night it could be hunger - how much does he take, is it more than a couple of oz and actually filling him up or is it just habit do you think? Have you tried offering water instead of milk if you're not sure he really needs the extra feed?

    In terms of routine, you could shift everything back a bit and see if it helps. What we do for breakfast is food first and then up to an hour later her bottle - maybe if you tried that he'd take more milk at the breakfast bottle, as well as filling him up so you can make lunch and therefore dinner a bit later too?

    Our routine is roughly this:-

    9am breakfast

    10am bottle 5oz

    1:30pm lunch followed by bottle 5oz

    5pm dinner

    7pm bottle 6oz

    Not sure how your naps fit in with this (when I say your naps, I mean his!), but one thing we have to watch is that she doesn't get too tired if dinner is late as then she eats badly so pushing dinner back may not work for your LO but I'd say it's worth a go?

    In terms of cows milk, we haven't tried, but I do keep meaning to try her and see if she'll take it and then do a gradual switch over to fully cows milk probably starting with the lunch bottle in a cup with her food. It's just something I haven't got round to yet.

    Good luck hun, hope you get your sleep back soon

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