Anyone know a poem for no gifts at a Christening?

Hi, our friends and family have been so generous with gifts over the past couple of years for our 2 children that we would like to say no gifts for lo's christening.

Does anyone have a nice poem that could be included in the invitations? I've been looking on the internet but can't really find anything suitable, neither myself or oh are really creative enough to think of anything that really sounds right!

Thanks for any ideas


  • You could either go along the lines of... "Although we know how generous you are, lo has already had so many gifts thus far. Hoping not to offend, we ask you just to lend, Your time to help us celebrate this special day."

    or "To celebrate the christening of lo, your presence is the only presents we need." or "The gift of your presence, is the only gift needed"

    Some people find it rude to ask for no gifts, and some may still bring them. Then you'll have to put them out of view! :roll:

    Hope you find the right words. xx
  • the gifts you'll get for a christening are very different to ones you'd get otherwise so do you really need to say no? do they already have bibles and an array of silver tat! :lol:
  • You could always ask people to donate to their favourite charity?

    If you feel inclined

    And gift "LO" you must,

    Please direct your affection

    to your favorite charitable trust.


    "LO" would love your well wishes

    And congratulations too,

    No gifts are necessary

    "LO" just would like to see you!
  • I think people will still want to give a gift, I know I would even if asked not to - the charity idea is a good one, could you ask that although you don't expect any gifts for your LO if anyone fancies it they could get you a save the children gift. They have gift packages including kits for newborns and food for young kids in developing countries. Worth a look? And saves your house being filled with the usual rubbish everyone buys for a christening!
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