really struggling with her today

I feel like a wreck. Nothing i do can satisfy her. She has only just stopped crying and thats because shes fallen asleep - sobbing. She has the sniffles & I know shes teething but i can usually console her and if i cant, the calpol does. She dosnt want to eat, she dosnt want to drink, she dosnt want to sleep, she dosnt want to be held, she dosnt want toys, she dosnt want to be on the floor, in the walker, in her carseat, in the chair. In fact the only place she was quiet in today was the pushchair on the way to school. So theres me looking like a shattered nervous wreck telling the mums how awful she has been while shes smiling away to everyone :roll: Its snowing a fair bit so i cant really be going for walks with her as I have Tyler too and he will get cold. Do I leave her to cry it out or what? My gosh is this a girl thing?? I dont ever remember feeling like this with the boys before?? I know its not a painful cry, more of a whingy one but i hate the thought of her so upset. image


  • Bless you. We all have days like it. Have you tried using baby nurofen as well as or instead of calpol? Sometimes the combo of paracetamol and ibuprofen is the only thing that helps my LO when she's teething real bad.

    I think you may just have to accept you're not going to get a lot done today and just give her lots of cuddles if she'll let you and comfort/distract any way you can.

    Hope she feels better soon

  • thanks for the reply hun. Yes shes had 5ml Calpol & 2.5ml Calprofen. Shes been like this for the last 4 days but not as bad as she has been today! I just walked round to the school to pick DS2 up from nursery and she fell asleep again so have wheeled her into the kitchen and left her in there. I feel so bad for her but im also feeling sorry for myself :roll: :roll: im so unbelievably tired afer 3 nights of no sleep and I still have so much to do. Well that nap was short go and get her. Thanks again for the reply hun xx
  • Shes still mega whingy tonight, shes whinging now and no matter how much dancing or face pulling the boys are doing shes still a grumpy bum. More mummy cuddles i tihnk.

    her amber anklet has come today so just popped that on her. Fingers crossed.
  • (((hugs)))

    I always think there's nothing worse than our lo's teething.

    I hope she settles for you tonight so you can get a good nights kip! xx
  • Fingers crossed for a better night for you all. Nice to have the boys to help with the face pulling and dancing, nothing more exhausting than having to do it yourself all day for a grumpy baby! My LO is struggling with a cold and or I'm expecting her to come down with chicken pox in the next week or so as her cousins who we spent weekend before last with have got it...sigh! Bet Father Christmas delivers us spots on Saturday!

    Let us know how she is tomorrow.

  • Hi juniemuummy,

    Emily sounds just like Olly. You know how much of a difficult time I have had with him but today he has been a dream and eventually he has cut his 1 st tooth, he even slept until 6.30am today! He also took a full 8oz bottle with no fuss at all (he hasn't done that for weeks!) It has taken about a month for it to come through but today he is the content baby I knew again!! I haven't found anything that really helps him, other than like you have mentioned being out seemed to distract him. I'm sure we are going to have a few more grumpy days in the near future as we await the 2nd one to cut through. I know people have said they can be grumpy when babies teeth but honestly its been absolutely terrible.

    I hope Emily's tooth cuts through soon and she gets some relief. Sorry I haven't been much help but wanted you to know your not alone with how you feel. Keep us updated with how she is getting along x
  • Oh hun...I can't really add to what the others said but really hope the anklet works! It's so draining when they're in a whingey mood image
  • ok i now feel like the most selfish mummy in the world. Today shes woken up, green snot coming out of her nose and such a course cough. Her temp is up also. I should have known image

    I dont know if its coincidence but the horrid dribbling has gone - completely. Maybe there is something to those amber beads after all?? We'll see eh?

    Glimmer - really pleased Olly is better now hes cut a tooth, must be such a relief. xx

    thankyou for the replies ladies xxxx
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