Help - feed her or not?!

Hi ladies,

My baby girl is 14 weeks and somehow today seems to be behind with her bottles! It's now after 5pm, when usually she should be having nappy off time, before her bath at 6.30, however shes just woke from a nap and should really be having another bottle before bathtime. She not hungry, but if I skip the bottle, is there a high chance of her waking early in the night? Should I try to give her another bottle just now, and just bath her a little later?

Thanks ladies xxx


  • i didnt bottle feed so dont know how different it is but i always went with feed the baby when they are hungry. if she wakes up hungry, why not feed her then?
  • We have got her into a routine of bath at 7ish, then last bottle, and she sleeps through until 5am. Just didn't want to get out of the routine! She's hungry, so feeding her now, and will just make her bed a little later tonight.
  • hey then you'll get a bit longer! my dd goes to sleep around 8.30pm and gets up around 8am. brill.
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