Got my first Tots Bot - does it need anything else?

As the thread title suggests, I've just bought my first Tots Bot from Tesco. I'm pretty new to this reusable thing, and so far have only used Bum Genius, which I'm loving.

What i'm asking is, does the nappy need another insert to make it more absorbent, or will the built in thing be sufficient? We currently don't need an extra insert (I only use the one-size insert atm) with the BG's and I find that they last a good 2-4 hours, although I have yet to try them overnight - I think I'm gonna need to buy some either hemp or bamboo inserts for night-time use.

So if anyone can recommend whether they will need extra inserts or not, and where I can get some from - I need them for the BG's too.

Thanks in advance

Tracy x


  • ooh which print did you get??? i have the flowerpower in easyfit and a wrap and a cherrylicious one.

    you dont need to put an insert in but you can to increase the absorbancy. we have to cause my DD is a really heavy wetter. we have to double up with the BG too.

    the inserts i use are bamboo ones from little lambs (i used their bamboo nappies too)

    i also user a fleece liner.

    before you use them wash them once with a bit of soap/powder then keep putting them on the rinse cycle for about 3 or 4 times. (because the tots bots have a bamboo tongue they need to be washed a few times)


  • Thanks SleepyBeccie - I didn't get a print one, they only had the cherrylicious print or white, and I didn't think my little man would look that cute in cherries.

    Thanks for the littlelamb link- I've been looking at inserts and didnt know which one to go for that would fit. Can I ask how many come with this pack? I've seen a few packs that seem quite expensive, but only have 1 insert in them. Also, I take it that these fit the TotsBots?

    Thanks in advance

    Tracy x
  • hiya,

    shame your tescos didnt do the lovely blue stars or black planets pattern.

    i think the liners comes in packs of 10. these are the best ive found and i even add them to my BG sometimes. they fit PERFECTLY in tots bots easyfits.

  • Thanks for your help Sleepybeccie - i shall definately be ordering some of those

  • let me know how you get on with them and if you have any probs just drop me a message x
  • I used it for the first time today, and thought it was just as good as my Bumgenius ones. It was on for about 3 hours, and wasn't soaked, didn't leak and it seemed to fit lovely.

    Will definately look out for the boy-prints and get some of those - hopefully our Tesco will soon stock the boy ones as well as girly ones.

    Thank you for all your help

  • ooh yay! glad to hear it was a success

    hope you have a fab christmas x
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