Anyone in South London?

Specifically Streatham?

DH is supposed to be driving to a funeral there tomorrow and I am *really* unhappy about him going.

Can you tell me what the state of the roads etc is?

The funeral is at Streatham Park Cemetary.


  • Hi

    I have just come back from Streatham today and the roads are fine. There was a bit of snow on the pavements but it was starting to melt.

    I don't think there is anymore snow forecast so he should be ok.
  • Hi, I'm North(ish) Kent, and have been out and about today and the roads are just fine -even the lesser used ones. I thought more snow was forecast for the South East tonight though? You could try checking googlemaps or in the morning.

    Frankly I'm fed up with the snow now...
  • Thanks ladies, will check forecasts. Was semi hoping you'd all say it was baltic conditions so I had evidence to keep him at home!
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