We're home!!

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Basically as the title says... We're home! Charlie's operation on 6th Dec was a success and the lesion was removed. He has not been able to establish feeding so needs to be fed through a naso-gastro tube. I am therefore expressing on a regular basis and then giving him the milk through the tube. He is also on 2 drugs for reflux, 1 for seizures, 1 for oral thrush and finished his antibiotics for septis yesterday, all of which need to go down the tube. His reflux is pretty severe, he projectile vomits after every feed and last night I got through 3 sets of pjs. However I am just so pleased to get him home and be able to be a family at last. Abby absolutely adores him and it's so lovely to see them interact together. She squeaks his toy at him and when he smiles she squeals with laughter. That just makes him smile even broader. image I could watch them all day. Well I could if I had the time.

Thank you so much for all your supportive messages. It has been a comfort at some of my lower points. It has been quite hard spending 3 months with my children separated and 5 babies I got to know at GOSH have died. :cry: I never thought I would see that. Hopefully it will be only be up from now on.

H xx


  • I am so so pleased to be reading this. Fantastic news!!! You get to spend Christmas as a family!! YEY! Sorry to hear hes still having a bit of a hard time & sorry to hear about those poor chiidren who have passed, it must be awful for their families.

    I hope Charlie continues to go from strength to strength hun! xxxxxx
  • I am so glad he is home honey - and just in time for Christmas! How lovely!

    It sounds like you've really been through the mill so I really hope you guys have a happy and peaceful NY. Well done Charlie! XXXX
  • YAAAAAAAY! Fantastic news, well done Charlie you little fighter!

    I really hope things get easier for you blondefriend, and well done for keeping up the expressing, DD was a SCBU baby and it's bloody hard work - and she was my only child then, I can't imagine trying to keep up with a toddler as well. You're my hero!

    Have a weeny hug, too - one of DD's 'suite-mates' at SCBU lost her battle and it was the most awful thing, it really shakes you, I'm tearful just thinking about it now. Make the most of every moment with Charlie, in their honour.
  • I'm really pleased for you.

    All of us from DIS10/BIS are thrilled to know Charlie is where he belongs this Christmas!!!

    Well done you for expressing, I too had babies in SCBU and it is bloomin' hard work.

    Hopefully Charlie will be able to establish feeding soon.

    I'm sorry you saw some of the other babies lose their fight... thinking of their families now, makes me feel very blessed.

    Keep us informed of lovely Charlie's progress... I bet you are the happiest Mummy ever!!

    Merry Christmas Blondefriend image xxxxxxxxx
  • Glad you are home in time for Christmas!

  • I am so pleased for you - what fantastic news for Christmas! Sending lots of love to you all all your family x
  • Brilliant news, I'm so please for you that Charlie is home. I think my favourite part of being a Mummy is watching my two babies together, it must have been so hard having to wait for it. Hope things get better for Charlie from now on x
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