Switching round night and day...

... my 5 week LO has mixed up his day and night - only really in the last few days/nights, he used to be fine.

Any tips on switching them back again?! Should I leave any efforts until after the Christmas/New Year period and all its upheavals?


  • Oh bless you! nocturnal babies are good fun eh?! :roll:

    I would start ASAP to be honest. Quicker you can get your LO to change back over, the better!

    Here is what we did when ds2 decided bedtime was for fools;

    At night during the feeds, do not switch a light on.

    Do not make eye contact

    Try to keep bum-changes to a minimum

    Don't talk to LO

    Basically, keep your room quiet, no fun, no singing, etc. Your baby needs to know that mummy is no fun at night. Just feed and settle and sleep.

    Sleep is where it's at!! image

    In the daytime, get your baby fed infront of a window... get as much natural light on them as possible.

    Sing, chat, get them smiling and enjoying being awake.

    During a feed, sing, and talk to baby lots.

    Your LO will soon learn that daytime is when they are supposed to be awake as Mummy wants to play and interact. Mummy is no fun at night!!

    If all else fails, take comfort in that naturally, your child will come out of this phase! xxx
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