Shoes and slippers

My LO has just started standing and wobbling around holding on to the furniture.

Does she need shoes now?

She normally wears little fleecy slippers around the house, but I see that Start-Rite and Clarks do more structured slippers for her age. Should she have these?

I'm confused - I didn't think she needed shoes until she was walking outside.

Help please!

Thank you

B xx


  • we got some cruisers but TBH he doesnt wear them indoors or cruise outside so they were a waste of money really, we just ended up using them for going out as nice shoes!

    he is attempting to walk now so when hes a but steadier we will be getting walking shoes but i wouldnt bother with cruisers, i would maybe just get LO either booties with grips or sock/babygrows with the grips as we found LO was steadier with them esp with our laminate x
  • I got some clarks shoes for my lo once he been walimng unaided for over a week, they told me it can be when he takes 6-10 steps unaided, but i have also heard that it better fot their little feet if they learn to walk without shoes etc as they can feel/balance better and the little bones can grow (i think!)

    Once he got the new shoes he kinda had to learn to walk all over again with shoes on as you can imagine on their feet they quite heavy so for a day or so he was wobbly again.

    Sorry for waffling but just saying dont think you need to buy cruisers it just a wayt to spend more lol. I did before he walked well used to buy the soft shoes from next for when went out and for our laminate floor...
  • My son was walking unaided at 11 months and we bought him cruisers because he needed something on his feet for nursery (it was winter so no walking outdoors) and his feet were too big for all the pram shoes. Before that over late summer when he'd walk holding our hands outside he was ok in pramshoes cause he didnt walk much.

    Tbh if he still fitted in pramshoes we wouldnt have bothered with cruisers till the spring but had to do something. The cruisers were much better than the normal shoes (and cheaper!!) because they are lighter and more flexible so easier for lo to get used to - he never had a problem switching between shoes and no shoes.

    Its those crawling shoes I don't get...I don't see why a lo crawling inside needs shoes on really!

    Tbh if your lo is still fitting in pram shoes and isn't walking outside in the winter I wouldn't bother buying propers hoes until the weather gets better - but if you go into clarks they'll be able to advise you too

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