Copper Coil?

Hi. I waa jjust wondering if anyone has the copper coil? I got one put in about 5 weeks ago. About a week before af I had the most breath taking cramps but then af passed fairly uneventfully. Its a couple of days after af and I have a really sore tummy. Its not af cramps but a really sharp pain and when I press my tummy it makes me yelp! I was just wondering if this is normal with copper coil before I think about trying to see a doctor on christmas eve.


  • Hi there, i'm from toddler but just saw your post

    I had the copper coil fitted about 6 months ago. My period pains became very bad once it was fitted but they should have warned you about this and that it takes6 months or so for it to settle down.

    I have heard of woman being able to feel it sometime when they press their stomach, but I have never been able to feel it

    Have you got a follow up appointment?? I had to go 6 weeks after fitting to make sure it was in place properly and no infection had set in. Sorry but have you got any discharge?? thats a sign of infection.

    My period pains are still quite bad, I get them in the middle of my month, a few days prior to af but the worst pains are a few days after af. Don't know why that is!! But I ahve to say after 6 months my pains are becoming less.

    If you are worried I would make an appt to get it checked out.

    Good luck honey and merry christmas xx
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