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Allergy Advice Please


My 11 month old has just developed an allergy to cheese, having previously eaten it without a problem since 6 months.

She gets a red rash with raised white spots where it comes into contact with her skin.

My HV and GP have been useless - telling me all about anaphylaxis and saying not to give her any more cheese as it could make her allergy more severe and then saying to try other non-cow's milk cheese and see what happens.

I feel completely abandoned and unsupported, and need more information. My LO also has an egg allergy and we have a lot of allergies in the family - my niece has just been given an epi-pen for her nut allergy.

Given the family history, shouldn't they be taking it more seriously?

Anyway, sorry for waffling... could anyone point me in the right direction to get some more information? I will book an appointment with a different Dr but this isn't going to be until after Christmas.

Thanks ladies

B xx


  • I can't help honey sorry but didn't want to R&R. I did find this website that might be worth a look, they have a forum and so someone who has experienced the same might be able to provide some advice, hope you get some help soon xx
  • Hi lizzie has many allergies- CMP, egg,wheat,mangos and strawberrys (so far!)

    until we got to the egg allergy we werent very supported but only got support once we had a list of things! she is 12 months next week and has had a CMP allergy since forever and been on nutramigen milk since 17 weeks but we dont have a deitican appointment until feb next year! we have been seen by a consultant and he is fab and its only due to the wqeather we have seen him again.

    ask to be referred to a paediatric consultant-this is who will help you and your docs cant refuse you request to see one on the chose and book service (where you chose thw hospital and specialist you want to see, there will just be a wait for it to happen)

    i thought they might of given lizzie an epi pen for her egg allergy as she swelled like a ballon with the smallest bit of egg which she spat out!

    other than avoiding foods tho there isnt much anyone can do.

    how old is your lo?

    do you have anti histamine in the house?? we have piriton on us at all times and on wednesday next week lizzie will have a new anti histamine from the consultant that is better than pitriton but not allowed in under ones.

    hope you get a referal soon xx
  • Yes they should be taking you more seriously! Ask your GP to refer you to an allergy clinic if their is one local to you, or a paediatrician - they cannot refuse you. You're right, you should be given more support and guidance.
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