Aches and pains 3+ months on!

Hi all,

Since having Sophie 15 weeks ago I swear I've gradually got more and more achey! I'm like an old lady when I get up, I really ache, and my arms get tired quite quickly carrying Sophie (although she is a bit of a pudding, at 16lb/17lb). Then by the end of the day when I get undressed I feel like I've had a workout.

Is it just me, or is anyone else feeling like that?! I suspect it's down to my lack of fitness as I haven't really exercised since having her, apart from a bit of walking, but I'd be keen to know if anyone else is having the same issues, and whether anyone knows if it gets any better?!?

Kat xx


  • for me it never got better but i have got used to it, i never had a sore back until the night i gave birth to dd1 and ive had it since, i didnt have an epidural etc so no need for it, very strange, with dd2 i have sore hips and legs if i walk too long (by this i mean all day, 10-12 hours) so im not sure if its also down to my unfitness because i too havnt bothered as much as i should have after the births, i will after bubs3 comes along and see if that makes any differance. x
  • My son is nearly 9 months and I still have various pains.

    I have nerve damage above my left knee. An area of about 8 inches is completely numb. Doc said it can take three months for 1mm to heal.

    I also have a point in my back which is very sore. Caused by me pushing my back up against the step in the birthing pool while I was having contractions.

    I also get cramp regually behind my right knee. I am used to it all now though.

  • Lol I am currently having physio for a back injury sustained during labour (back to back baby and having to stay on back due to monitoring) and LO is nearly 6 months! So I think it's pretty normal. My mum has had a dodgy hip since having me which still hurts sometimes! xxx
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