Discharge - sorry if TMI

Hi Ladies

LO is now 16 weeks old and I currently seem to have a lot of yellow/green vaginal discharge. I have no other symptoms i.e. no smell, not itchy, no pain or soreness. I have also not done the baby dance since LO's arrival. Any ideas what could be causing this or how to get rid of it?


  • My lo is 5 weeks old and I've just recently stopped bleeding and now have a thick discharge, which sounds similar to what you're describing hun. It's sort of like the discharge I had towards the end of my pregnancy, though I'm not really sure why I'm getting it. I just put it down to my body getting itself back to normal, which can take ages. If it doesn't smell (which mine doesn't) I wouldn't worry too much, but it might be worth going to docs just to be on the safe side.

    Sam, Harrison & Daniel

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