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So.... Am sat here with DS after giving him his dreamfeed and this is probably a daft question (first time mum alert here!) but how old will DS be before he stops having a dreamfeed? He's only 10 weeks old at the mo. How will I know when to stop DF-ing him? Will he just start refusing his bottle when he no longer needs it?! xx


  • hey hun,

    not a daft question a all if you've never done it before!

    he'll probably start slowly taking less and less of his dreamfeed when he is getting ready to drop it. it could happen any time it all depends on the baby. for myself my DD slept through from 7-7 from 9 weeks and her dreamfeed was the last 'night'feed she dropped. however my friends little boy who is 3 months older still had his dreamfeed up to a year old.

    he'll let you know when he's ready to drop it hun xxxx
  • James didn't drop his dreamfeed, I did. He had been ill with gastroenteritis, and I wasn't giving his bedtime milk or dreamfeed in case he was sick overnight. I just didn't restart it, because he was sleeping.

    I agree with piepiesmummy, in most cases lo may just take less. But as the suckling reflex is currently automatic, it might not be for a little while. When you think lo might be ready, you could always just miss it and see what happens.

    But each baby is different when it comes to sleeping through the night. xx
  • I dropped DD's dream feed at 7 months. She was fully weaned and just taking it for the sake of it. She's slept through ever since image
  • DD is 24 weeks today (eek!) and she still is offered a dreamfeed each night but I have reduced the amount as I increasingly found it was putting her off her morning milk. She now takes about 3oz or so. xxx
  • Do ur LO's stir when u DF? Sorry to gate crash!!

    Just my LO is 9 weeks and takes ages to go down at nights. Doesnt like the moses but i dont want to co sleep as i wouldnt feel safe.

    Im just worried after putting LO down around 9.30pm that he will wake.

    He norm feeds at 8pm ish and goes down by 9.30pm ish wakes 1.30am ish.

  • hey hun i found that h started refusing his morning bottle this was around 20 weeks - one of the lovely ladies on here suggested it could be because of the df so i just stopped it - he stirred the first few nights at the time of the df but within a week he was fine and taking a full morning bottle again xx
  • Thanks ladies, I'll keep going until he starts to reduce the amount he takes at his DF/ refuses his morning bottle. He's a hungry little monkey so think it'll be a while...!

    Care bear - 9 times out of 10, DS doesnt wake up when I DF him. Sometimes after he's had his milk and I gently sit him up to burp him, he'll burp so loud he'll wake himself up but then is straight back to sleep! I find his DF the easiest feed of the day as he's so relaxed etc. xx
  • ok thanku going to try tonight!!

  • How did you get on Care Bear?
  • I still dream feed my lo and shes 6 months old.... I quite like the df so in no hurry to drop it!! X
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