weaning poo question

Hi folks

we are weaning at the moment, and have been for about 3 weeks now. atm we are doing a bit of lunch and dinner - amounts are still quite wee as DD is being weaned early due to silent reflux on paed advice - she is now 5 months 3 weeks. She has taken to it really well, but we are still keeping her milk the main thing and being quite careful not to fill her up too much with solids. She is having some baby rice or gluten free baby porridge/cereal mixed with homemade fruit or veg puree usually one or two cubes of veg or fruit puree and maybe 3 or 4 spoons of the cereal made up with her usual milk which makes up to about half a wee food pot. She drinks water with a teeny bit of her milk in from a doidy cup really well during the 'meals' and after, so I wouldn't have thought she would be constipated? The consistency of her puree is still quite yoghurty and she is only now moving to slightly thicker puree.

However the past few days her poo has been quite solid - she doesn't seem distressed but it just seems less in quantity and I'm wondering if this is normal that it gets more solid now or do you think I should be doing something else to help her go? It LOOKS the same lol but smells different - sorry TMI!


  • I think it's normal - we've been weaning for 2 weeks now (dd is 26 weeks tomorrow) and her poo has gone from liquid to 'paste', and quite a solid paste - I'm sure I remember ds doing the same. It is diet that makes the difference between baby poo and normal/adult poo.
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