MIL and the word dick!

Has anyone herd of dick being another word for a bird? My MIL says it's a Yorkshire thing but I've never heard it! We have had words because she keeps saying things like looks at those dicks over there or shall we go put some bread out for the dicks! I asked her not to do it as I don't wanton of her first words to be dick!

It has caused such an argument so I just wanted to see if it is indeed another name for a bird and I'm in the wrong or if you would feel the same way about the word being used around your LO!




  • she may be right, you know the nursery rhyme "two little dickie birds", probably a shortened version of dickie bird?
  • Hi, my Nan is 89 and she calls birds dicks all the time, lets feed the dicks, and look at the dick birds etc, as with everything, it just depends if you are unhappy with the context in which it is being used, I mean yes if she said look at those dicks meaning people, it really is being used for a different reason and is unacceptable, its like the words Gay for happy and tit for blue tit I guess, all unoffensive if used in a certain way.
  • I've also heard of 'Dickie birds', and was probably taught dickie birds as a child - but after my cousin's little boy started shortening it and calling birds dicks I've decided against calling them dickie birds to my kids!

    It's up to you whether you want your child to use that word, but I have to agree with you, I wouldn't like it - I think it sounds so inappropriate coming from a small child even if it does have an innocent meaning.
  • tbh i thinks it's irrelevant whether it is used or not. you've asked her not to, as it isnt a word used in that context where you are from, and she is ignoring you; thats the real issue. id get your husband to argue the point to her.
  • tbh i thinks it's irrelevant whether it is used or not. you've asked her not to, as it isnt a word used in that context where you are from, and she is ignoring you; thats the real issue. id get your husband to argue the point to her.
  • what hgiellac said xx
  • and twice at that! apparently my post was rejected the first time, but appeartbe there anyway.
  • I'm in Yorkshire and I've never heard of birds being called dicks! Just asked hubby and he's not heard of it either! Random. I'd just tell her you'd prefer her to refer to the birds as birds or something more appropriate! x
  • i am from yorkshire and have never herd the term, i understand dickie birds may be used but if thats the case the whole phrase needs to be spoken, what if she goes round pointing at people calling them dicks that would be fun to explain image
  • Hahahahahaaa am I the only one who saw your subject title and thought this was going to be a thread ranting about MIL's?!?! Lol didn't think it'd be about birds!!!! (clearly showing my v.immature mind/ sense of humour!!) image image image
  • I'm from Yorkshire and yes, they're dick dicks to me! As in dickie birds I guess...
  • I've heard of dickie birds. Anyway I agree with you that if you don want her to use the word then she shouldn't. My mil called dd a tuppence a few times. She meant it in an affectionate way but I think of the word tuppence as another word for lady bits so asked her not to say it anymore. I couldnt have someone calling dd a lady garden!! Lol
  • Hey, I'm also from Yorkshire and we call them dick dicks!!
  • Can't be as bad as my inlaws referring to cats as pussys! They have 2 cats and always say oooh shall we find the pussy and oooh what a naughty pussy! I hate it!

    I'm Notts and we used to call birds dick dicks too when we were younger x
  • my grandad is from yorkshire (although he's not lived there since the 1940s) and him and my nan (from kent) always called birds dickie birds and/or dick dicks, tbh i'd forgotten all about that until this post lol...agree with an earlier reply though, the point is that u've asked her not to do/say something and she should respect that...i know not the same as can't be misconstrued as a swear word, but, my mum always says 'bo' instead of 'boo' when playing peekaboo, and it reallly riles me (no idea hwy but it does) i've told her time and again but she ignores me, same as my sister calls a dummy a dodo, or calls a train a choochoo, which also riles me as ds is more than capapble of saying those words correctly so no idea why she insists on doing the baby talk, grr!

  • I have heard of it before but if its something you're not happy with then she should be careful around LO. If its not something that is said locally then yes it could cause offence and a few raised eyebrows!

    The problem is words change their meaning through regions and through the years as well. Im from Derbyshire and 'all right cock' is quite normal but i wouldnt want it said infront of my LO.

    Good luck hun! H x
  • Dickie-birds... tis a common Yorkshire saying.

    But I too would be a little unenthusiastic about my ds's using the word. Especially as we don't live in Yorkshire (a lot of my OH's family do though)

    I suppose your MIL doesn't see anything wrong with the word as she has grown up with it. We and our children are of a new generation though and some other kid's parents may not appreciate a LO running round using the word.

    Hmmm... good luck there! xx
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