Purée and BLW! Help!

Hi all, I'm hoping someone can put my mind at rest!

I always wanted to do BLW at 6 months but due to bad reflux our HV recommended we start weaning at 17 weeks which we did! LO is now 20 weeks and seems to enjoy her purees! She has porridge with fruit pur????e for breakfast and pureed veg for dinner followed by more pur????e fruit! She has 4 6oz bottles in between!

I'm still gutted I coulnt BLW and wondered of when she's 6 months (is that 24 weeks) if I can introduce some finger foods alongside her pur????e, maybe toast and banana for breakfast alongside her porridge and a quarter of a sandwich and some veg battons with dinner pur????e!

Has anyone done this? Do you think it will work?




  • Yes you can do this. We didn't do BLW but I introduced finger food from the start. image
  • of course you can, we didn't do blw either and weaned at 16 weeks, what i would also do, even now as you've been at it for a while is start to make your purees thicker, not puree them as long and every week do the same until your only have to mash. we gave finger foods at 6 months like you said but he also had quite lumpy food by then.

    hth xx
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