Help, my lo is driving me nuts!!!

Please someone tell me their lo is doing the same, I'm soooooo tired I seriously feel like my head might explode!

Lo is 10 1/2 months and had been sleeping through (for her this is 7pm until around 4.30/5am) for maybe a couple of weeks until a week ago.

Suddenly she won't sleep, but I mean not at ALL. She always went down at 7pm, no problems, sometimes she would lay there awake for a bit until she nodded off. Now she will not go to bed, I lay her down and if I move even a muscle from her bedside she's up straight away. I wouldn't even mind that so much but when she finally does nod off she still knows if I move! It's taking between 1 1/2 and 3 hours to settle her. Then she will sleep for max an hour before it starts over again?

I've tried leaving her to cry it out but she screams to the point of actually gagging and near vomiting, I can't do it. I've tried putting her in bed with me but she seems to think it's play time and still won't sleep. I've tried a full dose of calpol and she didn't even close an eyelid.

I don't know how she's managing, I know I'm not. She's not making the time up with naps during the day and also won't always have a nap, you can see her fighting and fighting to stay awake.

I'm worried that there's something wrong with her, she's never been a good sleeper but this is really something else! image I think she may have a big tooth coming up at the side but she's never done this before when teething?


  • Hi. My lo is younger than yours but he went through a period if acting like yours after being pretty good at settling. I bought a light show for his cot so he was nice a relaxed in the cot and I have been swaddling him. I don't know how that would work with a 10 month old but it has made the world of difference to him feeling safe and chilled out in his cot. I sush pat his chest till he nods off rather than picking him up. I really feel for you. Its so exhausting. Lo is still waking several times a night for his dummy and its tough going!
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