Best baby monitor?

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas? We are due our second in February, when our lo will be 13 months. For this reason, we are planning on purchasing another baby monitor. I'm not sure which one to go for.

At the moment, we have the Tomy Walkabout Premier Advance, which is discontinued but can still be bought in Mothercare for ??25. Due to problems with the one that we have, I'm not keen on getting another. Hubby thinks we could buy one and set them both up to the same parent unit, but not sure if/how this would work.

Which monitor would you recommend & why? We want one ideally that will display the temperature in the nursery on the parent unit. We're looking to spend no more than ??50 maximum ideally. Any recommendations/advice gratefully received. Thanks xx


  • We have the BT150 and I think it is fantastic. It has the temp on display the whole time, and bleeps and flashes when the temp becomes to high or too cool. It has various lullabies which we used lots when our baby was very little, they really soothed her during the has a little light on it too, which is just bright enough to see what you are doing.

    I would really recommend it xxx
  • i second the BT150 although I havent used it properly as lo is still using the moses basket in my room but will be moving him in the new year!!
  • I have the Angelcare monitor and mat which I love and couldn't live (well, sleep well!!!) without!!!
  • I second the angelcare with sensor mat. I know it's a bit more than ??50 but well worth it.

    It also displays the temp and has an alarm when it goes too high or too low which you can set you whatever temps you like.
  • im also a bt 150 fan - the sound is brilliant and have had no probs but i think its 60 pounds but it may be in the sales at the moment !! Xx
  • We've got the BT150 too and I think it's great.
  • BT150 - awesome baby listener, I can hear Sara breathing if I turn it up to max! Does everything it needs to and more. Can't recommend it enough

  • Thank you for all your suggestions, ladies. I found the BT150 on Amazon for <??50 (around ??70 everywhere else!). So we now have one of these on the way image That's another thing I can tick off the 'to do' list! May try it out on lo before bubba arrives-just for experimental purposes you understand :lol: xx
  • Thanks for this post HoneyPops... I was just gonna post the same thing... looks like I'll be going for the BT150...

    thanks girls image
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