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hi mummies.

A short while ago I posted about a new business I am starting up, making fancy dress costumes for babies and younger children along with various other things.

After a good first few weeks and the first handful of orders (and before hubby has even had time to finish the website!!)I have been able to purchase an embroidery machine to personalise any item with names and images.

Having also produced my first christening outfits for the business I am taking the leap of offering to make Christening Gowns / Outfits from mum's wedding dress. Allthough this tradition has gone by the wayside in recent years, it is a great way to get a second wave of joy from an otherwise under used (usually just the once)and beautiful garment which inevitably ends up in the loft.

As an added bonus, the remaining dress can often be utilised and adapted as a summer frock (depends on the amount of material available) or a variety of items for around the home... even a ring cushion for someone elses wedding.

I would love to hear any mum's thoughts as I am always open to a good idea.

Here is a link to my facebook page, where there are a few pictures of my work so far!!/pages/Shes-Sew-Unique/168418966531806?v=wall



  • i tried to get someone to do this with mine but the cost was more than double buying a nice new christening dress, and while on mat leave i just couldnt justify the cost. also, being RC, babies are supposed to be baptsed quite soon so by the time i was getting my act together after her birth, there wouldnt have been a lot of time to get it done. she was 8 weeks old (and this was considered late by some family members! but the priest went on holiday) but i would have loved to have done that and would be interested to know costs for next time. i'll never fit un my dress again lol. not that ive had occasion to wear it since my wedding!
  • Many of the "couture" designer dress makers will no doubt charge you the earth which is often nothing short of daylight robbery. You are, after all, providing all the material! It's a little difficult to quote specifics as much of the cost is time and the more ornate the gown.... The longer it takes. As an example, the boys christening outfit on the She's Sew Unique face book page is a very simple design which could be produced for around ??30 plus P&P. If you wanted the remaining dress used for anything else (as most of the material would be utilised from the skirt) then that's something we could chat about.

    So far as the tight timescale is concerned, the way forward is to send the dress in advance of the due date (or even get dad to mail it special delivery immediately after) and email the birth weight and christening date asap after the birth. I'm a superstitious girl so I would never commit a stitch until baby arrives happy and well.

    I produce many of my items from my tried, tested and trusted patterns and there is always the option of creating something truly unique and individual if it was needed.

    I hope this helps, there are no end of cheaply made gowns available in most high street shops but I hope to give mum's the chance of christening or baptising their new arrivals in a truly unique and special gown.

    There are a couple of us march mummies tic, so fingers crossed I can help a couple of you out image

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