feeding routine?

Just gonna try to simplfy my orginal post I was a bit waffly.

Is it ok that lo only has 10 mins on one boob and can be satisfied for up to 3 hours?

She is 9 weeks and is putting on weight but slowly and hv not too happy because she is dropping centiles, but GP not concerned. (she did start on 75th centile!)

Is it ok that she doesn't feed specifically every 3/2/4 hourly she just feeds when she wants for as long as she wants sometimes 10 mins sometimes can fed for up to an hour (on/off)? (I just want to add i would never let her go longer than 4 hours)

Is it ok that when she has a bottle she only takes on average 2.5oz sometimes as much as 4 but not often?

Worried she just never seems that hungry

any advice appreciated x x


  • Hi, my lo is 10weeks and also does not feed to a routine. My HV also worried that he has stayed on the same centile for weight (0.5) but has gone from 0.5 to 4th centile for height but my GP said as long as he is settled and not lethargic then not to worry.

    Congrats on the feeding, don't let the HV worry you, listen to your instincts, you know your own child and just because they are not sticking to a textbook growth chart doesn't mean there is anything wrong.

    Sometimes I feel that HVs have to justify their jobs and just end up making us paranoid and worried for nothing.

    YC x
  • do you offer it and she turns it down? if you are worried about weight gain i would offer more often. if she doesnt want it she'll turn it down, but it will give her the option more frequently. my baby has only ever had both boobs at a sitting very rarely. maybe about 10 times in 9 months! so dont let that worry you. she's a grazer though and would feed every 2 hours, one boob at a time, up until weaning at 6 months. i wouldnt worry about breastmilk ounzes tbh either. you dont know how much she gets at a boob feed, so she might just not need a lot when the bottle is offered. and lets face it too, a bottle is not as appealing as snuggle time with mommy! my daughter wont even entertain a bottle for a drop let alone 2.5 oz!
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