sicky baby, reflux or lactose intolerance?

So how do you tell whether a baby is just sicky or whether they have reflux?

Tegan is nearly 9 weeks old and both bf and bottle fed, and from quite young she's been a bit sicky off and on - when I say a bit sicky I mean that she would just spit up a dribble of sick every so often - we'd have a few days of no sick and then a day or so where she'd sick up a bit a few times but nothing drastic.

Lately though she's sicking up more often and over Christmas she's sicked more and I'm debating what counts as a lot or as projectile..although I'm figuring that from flat on her back on the changing mat managing to puke and hit the carpet is projectile! Its never anything hugely messy so I don't know whether its just sicky or reflux..not sure how to tell the difference in a small baby - my son developed reflux at about 8 months old and there was a lot of sick when he chucked.

I'm also wondering whether it could be a lactose intolerance as she sometimes gets constipated and then does huge runny stinky poos (I'm lactose intolerant and can control it so still have dairy and my son is milk protein intolerant) - partly wondering that as I've been having stuff like cream over christmas and she has been sicking more.

I'm gonna text my hv cause my new one is actually useful but figured someone out here could help too image
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