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VAT on Car Seats ?????????

Is there any ???

I have about ??100 vouchers for mothercare and if there is VAT I'll get the forward facing seat now before VAT goes up

I know there isn't on baby clothes etc etc but Im not sure on car seats ????

anyone know ??

DLAM xxx


  • I think they are subject to the 5% VAT rate, rather than 17.5% but don't know if that rate band will be changing.
  • Oh.....I've just rang mothercare and they have just said that they currently are at 5% VAT and they will be increasing to 15% VAT......

    looks like I'll be off to mothercare on Friday then !!!!!

    thanks for your reply MrsSetters...... (I think I remember your from YAYW ???)

    DLAM xxx
  • DLAM, I think Mothercare have mis-informed you about the VAT on car seats. After a mini-panic myself, I did a spot of google-ing, and found this on HMRC website:

    Other rates of VAT are not affected

    This change in the standard rate of VAT does not affect sales of goods or

    services that are charged at another rate of VAT. These are:

    ??????? Zero rated - for example most foodstuffs, children's clothing or books,

    ??????? Reduced rated - for example children's car seats, supplies of domestic

    fuel and power, and

    ??????? Exempt - for example education, health and financial services.

    PDF file page 4. This may be an opportunity for the retailers to increase the prices though...Not sure how it works on nursery furniture, prams etc. Theoretically, the above information means that there should be no change in prices of essentials for children. Hth xx
  • Ah! Still there are gremlins on here! BE ate my reply :x

    And now I've re-posted, my reply shows up. GRRRRR! Why haven't they fixed these bugs?? :roll: :roll:
  • Oh you clever thing !!!!!! looks like its only the 17.5 % VAT that is going to be increased....

    looks like mothercare will lie to get that extra sale...GGRRR its now the 2nd time I've had a bad experience with mothercare....1st time was a very rude sales assistant !!!! GGRR

    I think I'll stick with babiesRus....

    thanks again

    DLAM xx
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