Please someone tell me to get a grip

I'm so miserable at the moment and I wish I could snap out of it.

Xmas was wonderful as hubby had 4 whole days off but now he's back at work and doing his usual crazy hours so I'll hardly see him now for 2 weeks before he has another day off.

My toddler is bugging me, he's constantly wanting my attention and for some reason I just can't be bothered with him (how bad is that?!) but if I have to play another game of 'Timmy' I'm going to scream.

The baby has not stopped cyring all bloomin day, god knows what's wrong with him, i certainly haven't figured it out yet.

And I can't stop eating xmas chocs even though i'm still over a stone overweight from having the sprog and none of my clothes fit. And my hair is all falling out. And our shower is broken and I haven't had the time or energy to have a bath since Monday!

I just want to be thin again, to have a shower, to pee without my toddler coming with me, to go out and have an adult conversation that doesn't revolve around the kids (but what would I possibly find to talk about?), to have a drink without worrying about what it'll do to my breast milk, to be able to wear a nice push up bra......arghhhhhhhh. Now I'm trying to type with the toddler hanging on to one arm. I just want to SCREAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmm

Ok, winge over, thanks for listening!


  • Be kinder to yourself! That's a trying set of circumstances.

    Do you have family near that could watch the kids for 30 minutes whilst you steamed yourself lobstery in their shower? Hell, come to Wales, you can use mine. And my best towel.

    Resolve to stop eating chocs after Jan 1st - fresh start then. One glass of wine will not make your breast milk toxic, so drink and enjoy.

    In the meantime, put CBeebies on, put the baby in the cot, run and lock yourself in the bathroom, have a wee then have a great big old scream, it will get the tension out.

    We all have these days, huh?
  • You are not alone, except I couldn't wait for my hubby to get back to work so he could stop creating even more mess for me to clean up!!! I actually cried into dirty laundry today I was so frustrated with the s**t tip my house has turned into and I have an absolute new found respect for mums with two kids!!! I just can't logistically get my head around how i would handle two!!! Do be kinder to yourself though, I'm so depressed about being so fat but this week have polished off enough food for three people, I feel so guilty putting it in my mouth but I don't care because it's cold and miserable outside!!! I know it seems like such an effort but wrap the kids up and blow away some cobwebs, I hate going out but I do feel better afterwards!! Take care xxxx
  • Thanks guys! I seem to have nothing but 'those' days at the moment.

    Please tell me it gets easier?!! And that it's ok to still be so fat and emotional and frustrated even though the bambino is already 4 months old?!

    Well, hubby has turned up now and has taken ds1 up to bed and hopefully ds2 will follow soon enough. And I have a glass of wine in hand. Please keep your fingers crossed that hubby's d*mn work phone doesn't call him out again tonight so I can get my bath in peace!
  • I'm five months on honey and it's still crap that pregnancy has reeked so much havoc on my body!!! I'm so in love with my daughter and would pay any price to have her but it's sooooooooooooo not fair that we carry the babies and get left with a car crash of a body (that's how I feel about mine! image )

    I do hope you get your bath, I look forward to Sophia being in bed sooooo much so I can have a bath but then I'm too knackered!!! Enjoy your glass of wine! Yum!!! xxx
  • It's a xmas miracle! I got my bath, legs are de-fuzzed, hair is washed if not styled. That's as good as it's going to get for now but i feel much more human.

    Does anyone else with 2 kids feel like they are constantly being tugged (sometimes literally) in two separate directions at once?

    It's harder than I expected somehow. Will definitely get out of the house tomorrow, to protect what sanity I have left!
  • Hell yes!!

    I have an 8 month old and a 3 and a half year old and I feel that I just never stop until the kids are in bed!! Don't worry about the weight - I know exactly how you feel as I was at least a stone and a half over weight when DD2 was 4 months old but I stuck with a slow steady diet (I did slimming world), allowed myself the occasional blip (for me it was my summer hol where I stuffed myself silly for a fortnight!) but managed to get to my target 2 weeks ago - almost to the day my LO turned 8 months. You will get there. Just don't make yourself unhappy worrying about the day to day.

    And get out of the house while hubby's is at work. I have spent so much time in soft play centres this last year so DD1 can run off some energy while I have a coffee and read a trashy magazine while DD2 naps. Small pleasures eh?!

  • Hope you feel better today Mrs. I have a LOT of days like this and am constantly struggling with whether at 8 months is it okay or can I no longer blame it on hormones and I need to get over myself???? I did lose some weight but the way I feel at the moment it has all gone back on over the last week! I have vowed to stop eating / drinking crap as of Jan 4th (we decided that date as DH goes back to work and so we'd get down to being healthy then). Bit worried though that by waiting until then means I have broken my NY resolution already! :roll:
  • Ugh YESSS!!!!

    I am shattered.

    Wedding. Christmas. Hubby now back at work and 2 poorly babies.... shattered!!

    Its nearly 2pm and I'm cooking tonight's dinner now as it is my only chance before they wake up.

    Fat body - Theo is 16 weeks today and I hate the reflection that stares back at me. However, that tin of Roses won't eat itself!!! image

    We all have "those days" so don't feel alone. Some of my days seem to sit consecutively to one another!!

    Ahh well, New Year - New start I say. ha... we shall see!! xx
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