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All I have used so far are pampers which are brilliant...no leeks (since I made sure DS was pointing south before fastening nappy) and I want to know if anyone can recommend any own store brands

I've just brought some little angels ASDA ones, tried one on DS this afternoon and he was clamy to touch when I removed it.....

any cheaper ones which are just as good as Pampers but cheaper ?????



  • We use Sainsburys Little Ones at night - they are great for that and are the only nappies we've found that will go 12 hours. They are a bit bulky for the day though, so I usually use Pampers durin the day.
  • We use Tesco SuperDry nappies for DS2 after finding they were the only ones DS1 didn't leak with.

    DH accidentally bought the Tesco Superfit ones this time round & we're not finding them as nice - a bit less bulky but not as soft.
  • I find Sainsburys own most like Pampers (Active Fit), although they are a bit bulkier. When I looked into it though, the big boxes of Pampers in Asda on 2 for ??18 were actually cheaper than the Sainsburys own nappies (which only come in smaller packs), so I stuck with them. Have you tried Pampers Simply Dry?
  • Pretty much ditto to Lizzie76 for us. The active pampers are a bit too good to give up in the day but at night the sainsburys ones are really absorbent. I also send the sainsburys ones to nursery as they seem to go through them at a rate of knots image
  • I've road tested pretty much all the shop brand nappies. I found the boots one good and I'm using Lidl ones at the minute. They are mega cheap and he is bone dry after 12 hours over night.
  • I've heard fantastic things from several people about Lidl's own brand nappies. However we've stuck to Pampers Baby Dry, for my son and my daughter. I only buy when there's the big special at Makro, about every 5 months or so - and then we just stock up and hope we get the sizes right.
  • We use Boots but the sizes do come up smaller x
  • I ended up switching my daughter to Tesco Superdry from pampers when she was on nappies and these were great with no leaks and no smell of urine. I will be using these with this baby as well.
  • we swear by boots active fit, i go out of my way to get them as much prefer them to pampers/huggies
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