Stressed about no water!

Hi Ladies,

I live in Belfast and I'm sure you've seen on the news that we are having water problems. Resovoirs are running low because of so many leaks and cracked pipes after the big freeze over Christmas. I haven't had water for a couple of days except for a couple of hours last night. I've filled up as many sauce pans as possible but I don't know how long it will last or when the water will come back on. There is no water to buy in the shops. The council is giving out 20 litres of water per household but you have to bring your own containers which we don't have, oh is working 16 hour shifts so he can't take me and I can't drive so if I got a taxi I would have to take the car seat and would only be able to carry a couple of bottles in the other hand. I am poorly with a throat infection and just want a big glass of cold water!

This a total moan and I know I'm not the only one but it is really making me feel stressed and anxious and I am so worried about running out and not being able to sterilised lo's bottles and make them up. He is on comfort milk and they don't come in ready made cartons. Grrrrrrr!!!!!!


  • Oh my, you poor thing!!! What an absolute nightmare! I'm sure you've already thought of this but have you got any friends/ family/ neighbours that can go get water for you so you dont need the hassle of a taxi etc?

    Wish there was something more constructive I could say... reallllllly hope you get your water back soon!!! xx
  • I'm in England at minute but some of my ones are in Belfast and it's weird cos in North and West they've no water but my sister is in city centre and she's not had any problems- hopefully will get sorted, I'd be going insane if were me. I drink litres of water a day! I know some leisure centres are offering for people to go shower there which is something.

    How old is your little one? Can you not hold him for the taxi ride?

    Hope you get something sorted- really don't realise how much rely on these things until not there x
  • Oh Faith! I keep thinking of you every time I see it on the news!!! Wish I could send you all my bottled water! I would be so mega stressed worrying that I couldn't give Sophia her bottles. Hope it comes back soon hun!!! You should be priority with a baby!!! xxx
  • Oh chick, I'm in Belfast too. We luckily still have running water,but we have filled up every saucepan, bottle etc just incase we do get turned off.

    If you want, pm me, you are more than welcome to come up to ours & take as much water as you need or if you want to have a shower you are very more than welcome. I can even come & pick you guys up!! It's just horrible at the mo, just wish it would hurry up & get sorted, I know I'm not affected, yet, but we just all seem to be stuck in limbo.

    Hope, you get water soon, & seriously that offer stands.

  • Thats so kind of you Lambchop but the water came on for a couple of hours and oh bought 3 big giant plastic bins and we filled them up so we should be grand for a bit.
  • Oh that's good. My PIL water has just gone on again this evening, Luckily they are away so just off the phone with a neighbour so going over inn the morning to switch their water on at the tank.

    If it goes off again & ur short give me a shout!! Hopefully they have it sorted now.
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