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veggie baby/toddler and weaning.

Hi everyone,

I'm sure this has been done before but I hate the search thing on this site.

I was veggie for 13 years, then lapsed for the last few years but really not enjoying meat and HATE preparing and cooking it so I've decided to go back veggie and am hoping not to have to cook the stuff again.

I'm not going to stop ds1 (nearly 3) from eating meat at parties/grandparents etc but I don't plan to give him meat or fish in the house so he'll be 90% veggie I guess and ds2 will be due for weaning in the next couple of months and he'll follow the same pattern. Luckily ds1 is quite an adventurous eater and already eats lentils/beans/seeds/quorn etc because I've continued to cook these things a lot even since eating meat again.

So is there anything I need to know? Do I need to consult health visitor about the change of diet for ds1? Are there any special guidelines for veggie weaning?


  • I wouldn't worry too much about it. I'm assuming you're talking veggie and not vegan? It is important for both children to have at least one high protein meal every day and there are certain amino acids that are only found in animal proteins. That's why many strict veggies have thin hair. Abby went through a veggie-stage when she refused all meat products. I gave her eggy bread, omelettes, dahl (lentils), cheese etc. Tofu was her fav and she would eat an entire block in one go. Personally I would avoid quorn before 1 year as many people, including me, are allergic to it.

    Good luck,

    H xx
  • Some beans and pulses arent suitable til nearer 9/10 months so need to watch for that. My daughter has had lentils from early on and enjoys them. As long as they are having a balanced diet it wont matter but hvs do like to know/help out. depends if u have a good one or not.
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