Advice needed on swings

DD2 is 12 days old and from day 1 has been very clingy. Besides cluster feeding for half the day, she also always needs to be held. Once in a while we get her to sleep in her bouncer but that only lasts 20 mins. We're coping fine for the moment but I'm worried she is still going to be like this when DH goes back to work next week and I'm left to look after her and DD1 who is 15 months.

I was thinking a swing might work as it's similar to rocking, but I'm not familiar with swings so don't know if it's just a waste of money. Anyone been in a similar situation and found that a swing helped?

Any other advice on the clingyness is also welcomed!


  • g/cing but i bought a swing in argos sale the other day mamas and papas one for half price at ??30. havent used it yet because baby aint here but thought id let you know x
  • Omg yes a swing was a life saver for me!! I had the fisher price rainbow forrest swing, its cost ??80 but was well worth the money. My lo was so clingy, but he would sleep in the swing and atleast you can pop baby in the swing if you want some lunch or go to the loo lol!!!

    He is 6 months now and hasn't used the swing in a couple of months but i still say it is well worth the money!! xx
  • we bought the rainforest take along one in babys r us in the sale when lo was 3 months old and its an absolute lifesaver! we're still using it now at nearly 7 months so well worth it! the music is nice and relaxing too!
  • Get one, get one, get one! Someone on here recommended them to me and I bought a Fisher Price Dwell Studio one - it was my lifesaver until she got too big for it :cry:
  • Just what I wanted to hear!! Thanks image
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