A few more questions for the experts

Im g/c from DIF, hope you dont mind but I have a few last minute panic questions. Even though I've got 7 wks left I feel like I still have loads to learn, so here goes if its ok:

Sleeping- was gonna use a growbag if the baby is big enough for my newborn bag, but as they're long do they get tucked in under the mattress like a blanket so the baby's feet are at the bottom?

Feeding- Im not sure if Im bf or bottle feeding, but if I use bottles I know Im supposed to make them fresh every time but does anyone have any secrets so the baby isnt waiting for 30 mins for it to cool?

Im sure I will have more questions but they only pop into my head between 2&5am haha. Thanks for your help girls xxx


  • Hiya. My LO used a sleeping bag from 2-3 days old. You don't need to tuck it in anywhere - you just put them in it.

    Re the bottle feeding, after 2 or 3 months of what felt like constantly waiting for bottles to heat up / cool down, I discovered my LO actually much preferred them at room temp - bingo! Made a couple at a time so I always had one ready to go and it worked a treat (still does). I'm sure there's probably a reason why you SHOULDN'T do it (like everything!) but it suited us.

    Good luck! x
  • I swaddled my lo up until 3 months then she went in a grobag. I also do milk at room temp so boil kettle poor water into bottles let it cool to room temp then when they want milk just add the powder shake and feed! X
  • To make the feed at room temperature I have two kettles, I put the powder into the bottle, add freshly boiled water up to 1 or 2oz, then top up with cold boiled water (which sits in the other kettle) and it makes it the right temperature and makes sure the milk is sterile. You can play around with quantities to get it the right temperature.

    You can also just boil up some water in the morning and put it in a sterile container in the fridge if you don't want to get another kettle, but you can get cheapy kettles for about ??5 from Tesco/Asda etc I think. xx
  • grobags have a minimum weight. we used sheets and cellular blankets until she was able to go into grobags. she slept ina koses basket for 4 months, then into a cot. then our bed, but thats another issue!

    i breastfeed and would encourage you to give it a good go! once you get past the initial few weeks when breastfeeding can be difficult it's much easier to pop out a boob than to mess with formula!
  • Re making up bottles, I keep cooled boiled water in the fridge and make bottle up fresh every time and they are perfect and my LO has never had an upset tum. So I poor in the boiling water to bottle, add powder, mix and make it up with cold boiled water. Sophia has 50z bottle 3oz boiling water, 2oz cold water! I BF for the first month, had to stop once I got an abscess, if you have difficulty there is lots you can do but if you do have BF counsellors in your area utilise them, they were a godsend for me until I got sick. It's a wonderful experience but you will know what is best for you and baby!

    Sleeping bags are heaven sent! Get one based on weight, I didn't use one from newborn but would if I'd have known how fab they are!! Just make sure their head is big enough from letting the neck slip down if they wriggle!!! Your baby might want swaddling though, a lot of newborns do, Sophia didn't!

  • Sleeping bags are great but can be a bit big to start with.I put DD in one from about one month but it was way too long so i would put her feet at the bottom of the bed and leave the rest of the sleeping bag folded "up" against the bottom of the bed.
  • Thank you so much for your help girls, it has really reassured me especially with the good ideas about feeding image i really appreciate it. Happy New Year xxx
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